October 12, 2012

Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2012.10.12

Guest: Gordon Duff

Gordan Duff says that he's part of the 1% and a self hating Jew who purposely writes 40% dis-info on VT. According to him, George Soros is a good guy.


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1776blues said...

Honestly, I can't figure out why Harris continues to have Gordon Duff, a BS artist and liar who opposed Bush's wars but supported Obama's war on Libya.

15 minutes into this show and Puff has showered himself with about 40 compliments about who he is and what he has done.

He believes that there is an actual difference between the Democrats and Republicans, which he sides with the Democrats.

He also trashes the right about their immigration policy but yet doesn't say a word about the left's policy on immigration.

I end with this; he is not even making ch sense as many of his sentences are not complete because he jumps from one subject to another.

I am only listening to this self proclaimed expert on everything because I need to know at what point he makes the claim that negroes and jews were the most intelligent people on the planet and that they were the only hope to stop WWIII", so I can spare my contacts the boredom and BS by telling them at what point he says this.

I still recall when he backed out of an interview about Hitler with Carolyn.

Germany did not fluoridate the water. Duff repeats the lie that Germany did and he is wrong again!!!!

Mami said...

I'm listening now, a girl on Deannas chat posted negroes and jews were the most intelligent people on the planet and that they were the only hope to stop WWIII"

I'm 3/4 throgh it and I haven't heard that either?

Mami said...

Duff says at the end that the Jews, knuckle draggers, and the red state whites are going to save us

Anonymous said...

FED and FED.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've NEVER heard so much bs crammed into one show lol

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the asshole Duff admitted he lies 40% of the time. It's more like 90%, but that's a start.

VettardsJewday said...

Duff admits to being a Jew, which makes the 90% figure an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone sure this interview is
not a joke?

Anonymous said...

Oh it's not a joke, other then the joke is on the listeners who believe is 60% truth. The jew is coming out of Duff as of late...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply regarding
the "joke". Gordon Duff is considered the Chief Editor of
lies and distortions. No point
in reading his articles since they
are a product of disinformation
and suspicion. Typical CIA

Anonymous said...

Once one knows what Duffoon really is, he is unbearable to listen to. Quite disgusting. I hope he is visiting one of the sixteen holyhoax museums in Corp US when they get leveled with the sort of John Deere bulldozers that the inbred racists self-Chosenites used to take down Rachel Corey.

Anonymous said...

the company the kikes used to assassinate Racel Corrie is CATERPILLAR CORPORATION. intel chips are made almost exclusively in israHell and I will only ever use AMD. BDS the fucking demons.

Anonymous said...

Well he still has 60% thats more tan intel 10%

Jim Fetzer said...

Gordon told me a while back that if he published everything he knows, he would be taken out--and therefore he has to shade a lot of what he says (40%?).

Which means he is doing his best but has to operate within boundaries to stay alive, which I suspect is probably true. Admitting it may be the error.

Is there a prominent web site that presents more truth about complex and controversial issues than Veterans Today? Kevin and I and others are doing our best.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed Barrett put out an article defending GD at his blog on 11/14. I just commented at his radio blog where anon commenting is possible, unlike at his news blog. It's awaiting moderation now, and reads:

Kevin, I just now noticed your blog article defending GD, "Who's Afraid of Gordon Duff"

It's a fine case for how we shouldn't believe everything from anyone, even "sourced" items like the 911 Whitewash Comm. Report, haha. We agree on that, in fact I said in my anon reply above, "That Duff promotes 40% BS has been long self-evident to anyone following him and his routine "shocking revelations" for awhile" - yet I still read a good deal of what GD puts out there, as some of it "rings true" anyways.

A big problem with your Duff defense article linked above though is, you didn't address his handling of the matter on your 11/9/12 show- where he denies saying the 40% business, attributes is to a fraudulent audio splice job, and then astonishingly fingers holohoax truth disseminator Frederik Toben as the culprit behind the fraud! WTF?!

Now PressTV is reporting "AIPAC, decapitators inside US government: Intelligence analyst" (referring to GD)

Add ^ to Duff's other recent stories like US/China navies battling hostile UFOs in the Pacific, and we have to ask if GD is Sorcha Faal's heir apparent?


So we'll watch for KB to publish it at