February 12, 2013

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 2013.02.12

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch also has a second site called"Inside The Eye Live.com"
Intelligent media for the politically aware.

Guest Hosting for Fetch: John Friend with guest Andre.

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Anonymous said...

It's official, John Friend is nothing more than a ADLaney bitch boy. Unbelievable that Friend would bring Andre the giant ADL totalfascist operative on inside the eye and kiss his ass for two strait hours. "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever." George Orwell 1984

gunnlaug ormstungu said...

have you evidence that andrew anglin aka andre is an adl operative

please post it

serious question

Mami said...

I bet they have The Fetch and his cats tied up in their mammas basement.

Anonymous said...

well i am opposed to white people and white idealogs i have never met a white person white people is a jewish construct where is white lane located no where white man is a jew word

Buhree Suhtorrow said...

The Jew tells us we are white. Then the Jew controlled education and mass media systems are used to demonize the white man for all the ills of history that the Jews did. A "history", I might add, that the Jew created.

Inbreeding creates perverted, and many times diseased, minds. Those sorts of minds are not into the Golden Rule. They are a planetary cancer that may just kill us all, if not ruin the entire planet itself.

Step one. Unplug TV.

Anonymous said...

John Friend last night said "EVERYONE in occupy wall street is a communist"

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys ! Bill Finck is BRILLIANT man !!

Who cares about that handcuffed wetback prisoner in his custody he beat to death ? That's nothing guys, I mean that's just old business, why even bring it up ? I mean, shit, wouldn't you guys do the same thing?

Zion Crime Factory is a non-white arrogant prick !@!

How dare that bastard ridicule and disrespect the holy beloved white supremacist dual-seedline, all non-whites are the seed of the devil, religion ? My lovely C.I. buddy prostink should hold that bastard's website hostage until he kisses our slimy asses.

Andre 'Yes-Caroline-We-Should-Bring-Back-the-Death-Penalty-for-all-Fags' Angled Asscrack of Total Fascism is a magnificent example of what we need for the future of the superior white race.

I'm sure Dennis Fetcho and his Filipino girlfriend and all the Oracle advertisers will be real exhilirated to know Rabbi Finck's Stable-Boy Friend weaseled his 'Death-Pentalty-for-all-Fags' Total Fascism bald-headed skin-head buddy on the show to brown-nose him for two hours.

Anonymous said...

John "Friend" and Andre are obviously ADL CI stooges for kike delaney. They have you morons by the balls.

Anonymous said...

Please add to your roster =>

Commander McBrides Feed:

Newsguys Show:

The Movement Turd:

Sometimes these things deserve comedic promotion! I mean, you promoted Joe Blow, so why not?

Anonymous said...

& then there's the things John Friend just gets wrong, like last night when he was pushing you do not need blonde hair & blue eyes to be aryan. You can have dark eyes & dark hair color.
I heard it was you talking about a world where anyone can be
an aryan, it just couldn't be
& only a fool would say that.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Briefing

Former Jail Guard Convicted

October 25. 1996

NEWARK- Arnaldo Ortega, an inmate at the Hudson County Jail serving time for burglary, asked prison guards for a blanket. Instead the guards at the jail, then situated in Jersey City, beat him to death with their fists and a fiberglass baton.

Yesterday, David Dumers, of Jersey City, a former guard convicted by a jury in the 1989 beating death of Mr. Ortega, was sentenced in Federal court to 15 years. William Finck, of Bayonne, who pleaded guilty to similar charges, received a 14-year sentence, and a third guard who admitted covering up the crime, Thomas Murphy, of Jersey City, was sentenced to four months



Phinneus Phreak said...

Talking Donkey forgave Fink for his murderous crime. End of discussion guys. geeesh.

Anonymous said...

January 24, 2013 - 1:36 am
I notice @ ratfaced jew under ‘Gordon Duff’s Paranoid Delusions’ that when trying to access http://www.prothink.org/ it says
‘Under monthly maintenance
Be patient, we will bs back shortly…….’
bs, does that mean what i think it does. LMFAO
Firefox can’t find the server at http://www.zioncrimefactory.com.
Firefox can’t find the server at http://www.911missinglinks.com.
Firefox can’t find the server at http://www.jewishproblem.com.
Firefox can’t find the server at http://www.zioncrimefactory.com.
Where have they gone, off to write more BS i suppose
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Gordon Duff
January 24, 2013 - 10:03 am

after the aligations from gordon duff that prothink was adl many delaney's ip's were shut down for maintenance.....just a coincidence i supose

Anonymous said...

i bet half the morons here can't even afford to be an 'operative' of any kind much less be out there in the open. Unless you have a site or blog and are writing stuff 'worth reading' all of you worhtless scum have NOTHING! to even complain about. So I would suggest you do what Mike did and open and PAY for a new website so that ZFC or other writers 'worth reading' can spread the message the way you want them to!

Anonymous said...

when trying to access http://www.prothink.org/ it says
‘Under monthly maintenance

so what! if you do not visit prothink that often you wouldn't know that! I always used to get that message even before the Gordon Duff nonsense.

Rabbi Supremastein said...

Zis iss to announce zat I vill be giving ze talking-donkey rides to zee headquarters of W.A.A.A.H. [White Aryans Angry Against HaAretz].

Ze main office is near Tel Aviv, so be bringing clothings for to be wet, and a bag of ze Joo gold!!

Rabbi Supremastein

Anonymous said...

Look at what the old clowns of the 'white' movement (Linder, Yeager, Fink, Duke) all gave birth to...

Anonymous said...

John Friend needs to take a vacation, a rest from all the conflict between crazy Christians and crazy pagans. It is hard enough to have to war with crazy Jews, but now all the religionists have gone mad.

Take a break, John. Shit, even Pope Benedict retired/quit.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Talkshoe page of all the drunken interviews that ANDRE HIMSELF posted only last year, when he was promoting a back-to-nature "REALITY SITUATION" movement. Get 'em on the google cache because for some reason he recently deleted 'em...


I actually think I liked him more back then.

Anonymous said...

Prothink steals John Martinson's work and calls it his own. Prothink hijacks ZCFS web site, steals his work and acts like he was the influence behind all of ZCFs work. His but buddy, a murderer named William Finck and CI cult leader, being the psychopath he is, posts a picture of ZCF in an attempt to destroy this young threat to jewish supremacism and JOHN FRIEND continues to ally with these demons? John "Friend" is another one that absolutely cannot be trusted, nor the network of loonies and double speak hypocrit steroid heads at the "Truth" Militia. John Friend, you are a piss poor judge of character or a useful idiot. What a train wreck "anti-z" has become, a pathetic joke.

Anonymous said...

"i bet half the morons here can't even afford to be an 'operative' of any kind much less be out there in the open. Unless you have a site or blog and are writing stuff 'worth reading' all of you worhtless scum have NOTHING! to even complain about. So I would suggest you do what Mike did and open and PAY for a new website so that ZFC or other writers 'worth reading' can spread the message the way you want them to!"
hahah you tell 'em brother! what a joke! Anyway, to the Anon above... Prothink PAID and always owned that zcf website! Willie Finck? yeah i hate that nutjob! and I think John friend is turing away from CI now and taking more interest on religion in general.. like pagaism.
For the rest this is all I have to say "Unless you have a site or blog and are writing stuff 'worth reading' all of you worhtless scum have NOTHING! to even complain about."
So you are the ONLY joke around here my friend.

Rabii Lipshitz said...

Oy Vey, lots of anons who only have time to bash the anti-ZoG activists.
They hate Christians, they hate jesus, they hate white people, they hate everyone involved with the movement.

Such good jewish boys.

Mazel tov my boys

MuhDik! said...

Andre 5000 Wigger Nationalist ! Andre makes Tim Wise look like Tom Metzger.

Anonymous said...

You mean Jewsus? You're the one worshipping a jew ghost and expecting us to trust a CI nutjob as the leader of the movement despite his shady and jew-like tactics, stealing other people's work, hanging out with jews and convicts, censoring websites that are supposedly not his, having his bus tour literally advertised on the department of defense website, the list goes on with all the shit kike delaney cant be trusted for. Have fun following this douche bag shill off a cliff.

Freewheelin' Franklin said...

Fetch is doing serious damage to his credibility by having clowns like this on his show

Anonymous said...

^^ Yeah it would be a shame if he lost his status as the most credible Tarot card reader in Jordon.

Rabbi Supremastein said...

Shalom, mine little Aryan comrades,
I haf to announce I cannot taking more reservations for zee free talking donkee rides to Tel Aviv.
Rabbi Finck and ADLaney became so thirsty in zee desert zat dey begin to milk zee donkee-again and again!
Zat benzona mishugaeem make zee donkee so sleepy zee talking donkee don't vant to valk anymore... is just lying dere in zee shade vaiting for dem to drink more milkee donkee vater.
Oi Vey-I try to do sumtink nice for zee Movement and zis is how dey tank me?? You give sumtink free to zee Jooo and he just vant to be taking more!
Shalom shalom!

Anonymous said...

Andrew anglin aka Andre of totalfascism.com is a bizzare character. A yr ago he was an antifa & anti-white racist, making podcasts (linked in comments above) about his admiration for Asian jungle tribes, his lust for black women, & his hopes for the extermination of white peoples. Now a year later, he sets up his "totalfascist" site, calling for the murder of capitalists, libertarians, women who seek abortions, & "the obese" - pretty much anyone who disagrees with him. (See his article on things to be made illegal in his future dictatorship). In btwn well cited and referenced alternative news & ww2 & german history pieces - designed to pull traffic & readers in - are manifestos like that. This guy is a junior Hal Turner.

Anonymous said...

NEW VIDEO. COMPLETE EXPOSE OF ANDREW ANGLIN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G41SUAZqQtw