February 12, 2013

Gaddafi - The Truth About Libya - Documentary (Full Version)

Truth about Gaddafi's regime. Was it as bad as the Zionist media presented? Was it staged by the Zionists to seize a state whose economy was not controlled by them? What international laws were respected in the NATO operation? Who were the rebels? Who gave them weapons?


Anonymous said...

This film was a clever PSYOP. Mixing some truth with massive distortions.

Bottom line: Gold is not "wealth". Only labor creates wealth.

In the case of natural resources, it is labor that retrieves them and processes them for use. Labor does that.

So what does gold have to do with this?

In ethnic nations lacking the brain power to create significant wealth from labor - they need to sell what they have. If they have natural resources, they sell those because they can't do anything else.

Selling involves a means of exchange. Libya could have decided to simply barter oil for goods and services, thereby avoiding the entire currency/gold exchange issue.

This film intentionally sidestepped the real mechanics of currency and "value-backing" of currency.

Libya was proposing to base the valuation of a Pan African currency on the market value of Gold.

It was a false statement made by RT (which is owned by jews, BTW) to say that Libya would only trade it's oil for gold. Bullshit. They sought to trade their oil in a Pan African Currency whose value was based upon the market value of Gold.


This film was just jew propaganda.

Anonymous said...

yes, I have read that one is not even allowed to say the word "Zionism" at RT interviews. Thank goodness for the "Destroy Zionism" website emailing out reports now that the "Jewish Problem" one has been smashed.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi was a jew. Even if that wasnt true he was always seen freemason handshaking other jews. So most likely the 10 articles you can find saying he had a jewish mother are correct.