February 22, 2013

Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth Broadcast Feb 21, 2013

Mark is joined by Arthur Topham of radicalpress.com to discuss the criminal charges filed against him by the pro-Zionist Canadian government for his exercising his right to free speech concerning Israel, Jewish power and zionist criminal behavior.



Al-Qaeda a tool for West's political/military adventures 



Anonymous said...

Good program. GREAT call from the sane Jew in NY! Some Sandy Hook bullshit to ignore.

Ben said...

This is what the donkey talkers want to have happen to ZCF.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Every time I make a post of something controversial (90% of the time) I think twice about our Canadian laws.

Arthur Topham is in need of our support. This battle is important for anyone who goes up against the agents of zion.

anarchore said...

Well Noor, if you stay away from traps like the Protocols of Zion and the Talmud, you should be OK.

In my opinion those who promote the above as some kind of evidence are poisoning the well anyway, and it is foolish of Topham to go down with the ship just to keep the Protocols on his site. I believe he should be aloud to post whatever garbage he wants to, but clearly the concept of choosing your battles strategically does not register with Mr Topham.

Those people who are 'woken up' by the Protocols are not critical thinkers.

It is the organizations of Zionists that are causing harm, and you are within Canaduh's laws to criticize them. It is the rich criminal Bronfmans that are funding the CJC.

Of course the poisoners like Delaney and ZCF push the protocols and talmud and act like every jew alive has them memorized and is acting upon them.

There are horrible things in the Christian Bible, so I guess we can infer that all Christians are bloodthirsty people who stone adulterers.

Ernst Zundel even struck down Canaduhs false news laws, and YES, you can now dispute the holocaust in Canaduh.

The agents want you to fall into the Protocols and Talmud trap and to talk in slurs and stereotypes instead of going after their organizations and the sickness of the authoritarian system itself.

Anonymous said...

It truly says something about Mark Glenn that he made his guest wait 40 minutes while Glenn droned on and on not just about the 'news' but about generalisations including his and Piper's pet meme of not using your brain to examine Sandy Hook (or anything else presumably). Truly sound Xian doctrine.