February 24, 2013

The Piper Report 2013.02.24

Piper starts the show talking about Robbie Parker’s alleged fake tears over the loss of his daughter Emily Parker in the Sandy Hook shooting. Michael mentions the ruthless insults and verbal attacks he has received by not buying into these Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. Later on in the show Michael moves on to the Jewish lies used to rally support against the Muslims.

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Lindsey said...

WHAT!!!??? No mention of BOLLYN!!!???

I can not believe it!


Anonymous said...

"Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth podcasts"

"Newtown seeks to deny newspapers access to death certificates"

Prof. Tracy February 23, 2013
"PBS Defies Basic Journalistic Standards to Push Sandy Hook Official Narrative"

Jasperita said...

You missed it Linds. He not only mentioned BoyLynn but mentioned something about he would like to wear some cowboy boots and rub the heels of them in his face, or something like that. He also mentioned he would like to take a cat-nine tails to put it to BoyLnn's mate (forgot the name).

BY THE WAY. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, I just forgot the time mark; maybe about half way I think.

Anonymous said...

that was last episode.

Freewheelin' Franklin said...

No, Piper did mention Bollyn and said he was an agent working for the Anglican Church. lol wtf

He spends half of his shows going over the people he is feuding with or who have talked bad about him, yet Piper remains fiercely loyal to Mark Glenn and David Duke. Quite a strange chap he is.

Anonymous said...

"Bollyn on DBS, Hufschmid, Piper, Thorn, CIA "


montana jack said...

Don`t know what happened to piper.....never liked glen,but enjoyed piper. He`s much better writer than speaker. He`s a blowhard any other time.
His love affair with obomba cause me to bail out.....not to mention his towing the party line on sandy hook

Beep said...

Sandy Hook denial is the new heresy. TUT excommunicated for ganging up on Jim "no planes" Fetzer.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Piper's assessment of Sandy Hook is WEAK. He obviously hasn't spent any time looking into the facts. Piper's rant is spent knocking down scarecrows. Who cares if Robbie Parker acted suspiciously? That is not proof of anything. But how can anyone explain CNN showing police storming St Rose of Lima Elementary School on Dec 14? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI0rBbLxYLo
Why can't Piper of Glenn respond to that? There is so much evidence pointing to a Sandy Hook hoax, but Piper and Glenn waste time on the lame arguments. Why?