February 24, 2013

The Piper Report Broadcast Feb 23, 2013

Mike once again shares his insightful experiences, and discusses many important random topics.


Piper's FINAL JUDGEMENT lecture [Israeli Mossad connection to JFK assassination]

Piper Demolishes Kosher Anti-Hitler Myths


American Free Press 

The Barnes Review



MaryC said...

Great show. Screw the Jew crap.

MaryC said...

Great show. Screw the White Supremicists

Anonymous said...

Piper is still the best.

But Piper is wrong about Hitler. Hitler aimed to kill 30 million Slavs in Ostplan, so he was hardly a "good guy". No need to champion such an imperialist warmonger to get to the truth about wwii.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 7:56 PM,

Please, provide readers with evidence for your incredible claim. Were the millions of Slavs who volunteered to fight alongside the Germans just unbelievably stupid? When that "supremely evil" Dr. Goebbels, along with many other NS leaders, issued clear-cut directives to the German military to take pains to avoid belittling the cultures and traditions of the Slavs, and to not hurt the feelings and pride of the people, was he just being cute?

Anonymous said...

Mary you sound like a broken record. RBG

MaryC said...

Anonymous 4:16 AM, you sound like a white supremicist.

BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 said...

I think we all know what the C stands for...C U Next Tuesday,Mary