March 28, 2013

102.Minutes.That.Changed.America.2008 [Full] - HD

Please excuse me for not being able to find a youtube vid of this in full length HD other than Howard Stern, sincerely. Watch this, than read this:

“Masters of Deception” By Zander C. Fuerza Now Available 


Anonymous said...

that's not the real Howard Stern & there are no real planes.

Anonymous said...

Zander C. Fuerza, or ZCF, or Zion Crime Factory (is this a joke) is a plagurist and a charlatan. Not to mention a jew apologist with that "zionist" bullshit thats only been around for 100 years. JEWS have been a problem for 5,000+ years. Hitler worship is a main theme of his also. Which is THE most counterproductive tactic one could adopt when waking someone up to the jews. We can thank Hitler for the Israel we have to deal with today. Why send them exactly where they want to go, the most strategic and oil/metal rich area on the eastern side of the globe? Unless your working for them.

Anonymous said...

Knock him all you want, but his "Israel Did 9-11, all the Proof in the World" has probably reached 100s of thousands of people and many have admittedly woken up or crossed over from the Alex Jone$ gatekeeping PAYtriotard side.

For fuck sake what a bunch of whiny retards we attract here.

Beep said...

Pretty obvious that Anon knows nothing about ZCF or he wouldn't have stuck both feet in his mouth with the howler about ZCF being "a jew apologist with that "zionist" bullshit thats only been around for 100 years". If you are going to troll at least have some fucking clue about what you are on about. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there were "no planes". What a joke.

Anonymous said...

1:11 is obviously the Curly Howard look alike Mike Delaney, aka "The criminal honey-pot kike".

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what, this is a hard watch, it often sent chills down my spine, especially the part where the rookie looking fireman is cringing every time he hears falling body land.
I despise any people who would harm any innocent people and I sincerely believe that Israel/jews/elements of the US government were behind this, as do, of course, many others. I believe that this event is the single precipitating event where the supremacist jews are going for broke to form their talmudic jew world order.

Keep pushing hard at these bastards friends and allies, may we expose evil and dirty sunzabitches once and for all and may the day come when speaking out against all people is permissible and without fear. Today people still fear the jew because of their control.

Now go kick some supremacist jew ass ;)

Anonymous said...

Holyhoax, nine11 & USS Liberty. Ram all three of those into all non-jew minds until the jews shit themselves so severely that WalMart will not be able to keep adult diapers in stock.

They want pity. Let us see what sort of pity they get when enough wake up to their programs of genocide-for-profit schemes and their historical bullshit that is crammed in the non jew mind from jew controlled education and media.

Anonymous said...

@ "Yeah, there were "no planes". What a joke."

You call this cartoon

a 'plane' you fucking retard ?

Do you call this

a 'real building' with a ten-foot tall king-kong man hanging out of a window ?


Is this obviously drawn cartoon,

a plane-shaped hole ?

Did you know the laws of physics don't apply to cartoons ?


Take your head out of your ass already it's embarrassing.

ZCF's book shows that even with the false 'how' of 9-11 which he was caught up in due to his mere 21 years of age and association with deep-cover, plane-hugging gatekeepers like Prostink and Chris Bollyn, you can still find enough Jews in power-positions to connect and bust with even that physically impossible and completely debunked media-promoted fable as your guiding post.

Pas said...

''Masters of Deception'' is imo the best book on the subject and, as Rockclimber pointed out, should be read by all who saw this tragic film.

Great post Rockclimber, thanks!

@anon 1:11
what's your evidence of:
-ZCF being a ''jew apologist'' ''plagurist'' and ''charlatan''.
-Hitler being a Jewish agent.

Looks more like the typical mud slinging of a butt hurt person.

Anonymous said...

to anon march 29, 1:11

"We can thank Hitler for the Israel we have to deal with today."

I have no problem with Israel, but i have problem with jews all over word exploiting everybody to keep their little country and muslim killing going.

If you are saying that Hitler was jewish agent because he fought bravely against the whole world, angomaerican plus soviet overwhelming military machine, lost and commited suicide for not to be put in cage and dragged around all over the world, like animal, as Stalin planned to do, then you are complete fucking retard and enemy of the humanity.