March 28, 2013

Radio Free Northwest 2013.03.24

A special Radio Free Northwest interview with long-renowned Seattle artist and recently-renowned Holocaust heretic Charles Krafft.

Good  Interview IMO. Thanks for the link anon.

Northwest Front

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Anonymous said...


Good interview going with Krafft until Karl Radl shows up.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Karl Radl?

Anonymous said...

terrific interview. I liked how they consider all that's riding on the holohoax narrative- pretty much our whole paradigm. "Riding the tiger", good one.

KK said...

Can you guy's please post more Harold Covington shows. His podcasts are excellent. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before Covington's podcasts made it on here. He is one of the most reviled characters in the history of WN/internut nazis. You should post some of Axis Sally's new shows as well. lol

Maybe kyle could have him on as a guest soon.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... Freedom of speech after the speech, that's the key... lol

Anonymous said...

This guy was pretty famous in the art world. The Jews are shitting themselves. If only more famous people would be as brave as this guy, their whole rackett would crumble to the ground.

New Yorker hit piece on Krafft from 3 days ago:

If this guy's smart he'll flip the finger to them and start doing his own internet radio show and have every revisionist in the world on one-by-one giving them all more publicity. Then the more hit-pieces they do on him and try to bury him, the more people will also check out his radio shows and website.

He should also permanently put up these links that completely demolish the holohoax on the front page of his website:

Lets stop with the Auschwitz lies

This was a work camp

One Third of the holocaust (full)

The Last Days of the Big Lie

David Cole in Auschwitz - Full Documentary

The holocaust Unveiled - the Persecution of the Revisionists

Anonymous said...

Charles Krafft's artsiest ceramic work of all time :


Anonymous said...

Great interview.

Does anyone know who is the singer of the two songs from the beginning and end of the show?