March 07, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.03.07

Today: Dr. David Duke does a review of Ron Unz groundbreaking article called The Meritocracy in America. A Jewish, Harvard graduate and insider, Unz courageously proves that Jewish discrimination, racism, supremacism and tribalism is the reason for Jewish domination of academia, media, finance and government! He shows that Jews are 1500 percent, 15 times overrepresented at Harvard and many ivy league schools than their merit would justify. They are not dominant in these institutions because they are more capable or work harder, they are dominant because of their racist discrimination and tribalism. Dr. Duke goes on to show how if this Jewish racism is present at the leading academic institutions which are supposed to be anti-racist paragons of human rights, certainly we can expect this to continue in the corporate, media, political and financial community at large. He shows that never before, perhaps in all of history has such a tiny population of 2 percent oppressed and deceived a powerful nation. And he urges people to remember, it is not by talent and ability and intelligence they rule, but by discrimination, oppression, and mass deception. This show is the first key to freedom, it blasts through the deception!

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