March 07, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.03.07

Guest:  Dr. Jennifer Daniels, the author of Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful? talked about how the population is being farmed by the government and by the corporations. She talked about the healthcare system, the education system and how to stop being farmed

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Fluffy said...

Thanks Deanna, Dr Daniels and Mami.

Anonymous said...

Why interview some low intelligent BLACK lady?

Anonymous said...

She's pretty sharp, Anon. I feel your pain and shame.

Anonymous said...

"low intelligent". sic

Daryl T said...

Dr Daniels is quite brilliant and brave. Much respect goes to her and Deanna.

Thanks for this post Mami.

Anonymous said...

This lady assumes a male cannot get erections AT ALL and needs a blue pill every time he wants to have sex. That's evident BS.
She assumes most couples cannot conceive kids and have to spend 50k to conceive a kid. I only know of 1 (one) couple who had this kind of issue.
She doesn't specify what "farmer's food" is - I assume it's stuff from the grocery store. Ok, probably non-farmer food is the one you grow at home - do you also grow chickens, cows and pigs at home? You need protein (either eggs or meat).
Tutor 250$ a year? Even if you pay minimum wage (tutors are usually more expensive), it's very few hours.

Generally, there is some truth in this interview, but there's no balance between what is convenient nowadays (daycare, dishwashers, etc.) and where we really are squeezed of money for the benefit of the farm.