March 08, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.03.08

Today: It's Health, Life and Fitness Friday focuses on The Jewish Supremacist discrimination and oppression of non-Jewish European and Asian Americans, the bending of the America to the service of a malevolent, alien minority and agenda. He shares excerpts from the new book he is working on called the The New Overlords, Jewish Ethnic Discrimination and Oppression in America and the World. In it he proves the fact that Jews are in fact an ensconced oppressive ruling class in the top American universities, in media, in government and finance and how their tyranny damages the 98 percent non-Jewish population, and how similar Jewish operations are going on all over the world under a zioglobalist agenda. An inspiring show that also includes some simple yet powerful ways to stop procrastinating and accomplish your personal tasks and goals!

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