March 08, 2013

Lugh's Den 16 - 2013.03.07

The mechanics of manifesting a movement.

Will Miller joins for a discussion on how we can cut through the clutter and start enacting real change. Recruitment tactics, the Cultured Thug concept, the Emotional Appeal method, Cultural Awakening, Adopting Symbols.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't this shill operation getting a bit obvious. One day you get a 'warning' from Blogtalk (owned by Jews) to tone down the jew talk... From then on, it's all nigs, spics and aryan power... then magically you have a new idea for an Organization. Hmmm. Wonder how many crack-whores it took for you to sell out your fellow man.

Lugh said...

It makes me happy that the Jew Kike shills have to resort to such shitty means. GAS POLLARD BITCH!!!!!!!!

Bec said...

Anon, your diversion wont delay your looming, hasty exit to Tel Aviv. Happy travels.

Thanks to Lugh and Will for keeping the shills on their toes.

Anonymous said...

Anon does have a pont!

I would like to add

Just a little over a month ago you guys were peddling porn and trying to mind fuck your audence with constant anal and vaginia references.

You clowns had a revelation that the cause of your brainwashing was the Celtic Rebel. Indeed he is a scumbag!,

So now you got rid of Greg from New Jersey and the Celtic Rebel.. Who names were never revealed. Could have been Jews?

Now we have Kyle Hunt Will Miller and Mike Sledge aka Torenko.. I guess there honest maby?

We have Lugh Dave Siegfried and White Sea you could throw crawdad maimi in there too. Those guys are host or hosted radio programs on there show.

So with that being said we don't know a fuckin thing about those people just what they say.. No names no hereditary succession lines nothing to prove who the fuck they are. And you are telling us to get involved with this LOL

I do like national protectionism concept. But you guys aren't even proud enough to stand by your work or movement.. So why should I!!!

Mystic Qabalah said...

Anon, sometimes listening to the message and putting down your obsession with hereditary will tell you more about the messanger than weathor or not they are a jew.
I, for one, thought Lugh and Will did a remarkable job following on from Mikes show. Lugh does a great job, better that a lot twice his age. And Kyle has grown and progressed a lot since since his show on Red Ice. Mike, now that he is sobar he is kicking ass!!

Anonymous said...


Those guys have a lot of NSDAP leanings. In Germany as Lugh would know ( if that's his real name) to be part of the NSDAP you would prove hereditary succession. that was a very important issue!!!

Leaving out the proof of who they are, means a lot to me. You would be surprised who would agree with me..

Honestly I agree on what they have been saying. To me now it means more about who says it..

If you have been in the game a long time, you know who are the best organizers. ( da Jews ). I have seen everything get torn from the inside out.

All I am asking is,, full disclosure

Anonymous said...

Well they do have their pictures up. (If thats really them) And they dont look like jews. But you can usually match someones voice to a picture. That's just me. I dont agree with them on everything, especially how they put the jew-masonic golden dawn and hitler (who made elementary blunders that cost them the war according to top German officials, also he let 150,000 jews in his army and was possibly a jewdas goat to create israel) on pedestals. But I happen to think that they're genuine, atleast from what Ive seen so far.

Lugh said...

CR and Greg's last names were stated.
I've given my full name before on another show but I won't repeat it.
I don't give my name out because I'm in Canada.. but many behind the scenes know me.. I just don't want people to write letters with my name on it to a Human Rights Tribunal.. that's generally how it works.
I tell you what, contact me and give me your full name and I'll give mine.

Lugh said...

Anon 1:20 PM, your slander won't work everyone knows the real history of WW2 now. At least around here.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay master lugh. I forgot, you know everything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe lug nut can explain how genuine hitler was when he let jews in his army. Or explain away the "coincidence" of 'israel' being created right after hitler rounded up the european jews and signed transfer agreements to send them exactly where they wanted to go. Or why some jews call him the jewish messiah for bringing them to "the holy land". Hitler worship is such a joke and even if he wasnt controlled it's retardedly counter productive to talk about the 65-years-dead man on every radio show.

Lugh said...

Is that you Wanda? The transfer agreements were part of negotiations with world Jewry.. it was limited and was done with the understanding it was a British Colony.
One Jew called him the "Jewish Messiah" and it was said ironically.. do you even look up sources and read things in context?
Why would the Jews sabotage their greatest weapon- international communism? If Hitler didn't take the piss out of it, they could have used it to set up Eretz Israel.
I'm sick of these truthers who believe absolutely everything they read. I guess he was also a space alien and a talking donkey too.

Anonymous said...

Adolph Hitler, the not so Aryan "Aryan" that sent the jews to "British" Rothschild land instead of learning a lesson from the other 109 failed exiles of history. Righttt, lug nut.

Anonymous said...

Wanda you are a fuckin moron!,,

Get a life and stop scamming money for your brother!!

Anonymous said...

I want some one to look at me in the eyes and tell me that Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Goebbels, and Reinhard Heydrich look Aryan.

Anonymous said...

Lol Im with you Anon. Adolf "If I was Jewish Id be a Zionist" Eichmann frequented Israel when they were transferring jews there. Himmler's neice is now married to a jew in israel. What a joke.

Lugh said...

Israel executed Eichmann LOL
Himmler's great niece married an Israeli.. she's his brother's granddaughter. Betwixt the entire NSDAP your bound to have a story like that or two when dealing with distant relatives.

Anonymous said...

LUGH: Care to debate this?