March 21, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.03.21

Today: Treason! Obama in Israel bowing down to Israel, a nation that commits terrorism and treachery to America. That drenches the world in war and conflict, A nation that is but a tentacle of Zio supremacsim and Zio globalism. Then Dr. Duke Goes into a life lesson today, he speaks about exercise, sleep and actually shares his exercise regimen and thoughts. After this he talks about his recent long trip and the factors in the trip that challenged him in which he shares the way he deals with challenges. Finally he deals with breakdowns and how to turn them into breakthroughs in your life, and how simply declaring that everything that happens in your life simply opens the doors of possibility. He shares his long driving trip and how a closed road was a breakdown to him as tired driver, but when he declared that everything works for the best possibilities open up, you recognize opportunity more readily. When you rail against the setbacks in your life, your energy, your possibilities lesson while when you say whatever happens you make it turn out well opens up infinite possibilities. A meaningful and interesting show that so many listeners have asked for, more David Duke on life in addition to the latest political reality.

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