March 21, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.03.21

Guest: Mark R. Elsis; Depopulation; Overpopulation

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Subverted Nation that it is beyond disgusting that Hitler and his party were so tolerant of the Jews, even to the point of allowing a whorehouse (the poor prostitutes} in the camps they sent them to. (He probably even allowed the Jewesses to have safe abortions.} Of course, you will never hear Mrs. Spingola, a very prileged woman, rage against this, although she is constantly remarking about what she perceives to be the vices of American women.

Trisha M said...

" is beyond disgusting that Hitler and his party were so tolerant of the Jews,..."

"...Mrs. Spingola, a very privileged woman..."

"...she is constantly remarking about what she perceives to be the vices of American women."

He was an honorable man. The was a Jew problem and it was addressed honorably; exceptionally so, considering that world Jewry declared war on his Country 7 years before he was forced into a war he wanted none of.

Just how privileged of a woman is Mrs. Spingola? Since you appear to know it, define it, and while you are at it, show us the value of such things in trying to correct our Jew problem. Or maybe you have a personal problem with her?

American women have plenty of vices that have been put there with purpose by the Jewish controlled educational and media systems. Is Mrs Spingola a problem for identifying them?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Elsis should have ended the interview when the host became rude and hostile or no good reason. When the host started to insinuate that he might be some kind of agent, Mr. Elsis absolutely should have ended the interview.

Anonymous said...

If you are not a religious person, or if you have trouble accepting beliefs that are blatantly irrational, perhaps autosuggestion will help.

Repeat over and over again:

"There is no such thing as overpopulation."

Repeat over and over again:

"Without the interference of the greedy and shortsighted rulers of mankind, the entire natural world is an infinitely kind, stable, abundant and life-giving place."

If you start to think about earthquakes, floods, deserts, droughts, erupting volcanoes, epidemics, hideous birth defects, and all of the females who have died while giving birth, or if you start to wonder how countries like Iceland, Switzerland and Japan could possibly sustain themselves if their populations bred like rabbits, repeat the quotes above much more loudly and intensely.

It may help.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish elite and their allies are slave drivers and vampires. That may be a crude way of putting it, but it is true.

This "Noah's Ark" idea that they are trying to kill all of us so that they can have the world all to themselves is not only incredibly farfetched; it makes absolutely no sense. In fact, the individuals who push such a stupid idea do no favors for all of those who speak out and who work against Jewish power.

Anonymous said...

"They" are not trying to kill us all. I would agree with this. It is too bad so many keep repeating this. "They" want to kill about 90% of us. They would like to keep a half a billion or so to serve them. This is their plan and it is happening right now. There are genocide programs for profits schemes all over the planet. Miss it on TV?

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with those who are cool about Hitler allowing the Jews to have a Whorehouse at Auschwitz, even seeming to applaud the same. Deanna Spingola shows herself to be a hypocrite for tolerating this.

Anonymous said...

The precious friend of humanity, Mark, did not deserve to be treated with so much contempt by Deanna! Shame shame shame on her nastiness, and for letting Robert, as usual, run on and on. I turned on to hear Mr. Elias talk about his prolific efforts and discoveries, without pay.

Anonymous said...

Deanna was right to probe the guest - his second appearance reminded me of the second appearance of Mr Rogers(?) where evidently her opinion of the guest also seemed to have shifted. However, my overall take was the current guest was warning of what he genuinely seemed to think is the operation of the forces of Nature in 'culling the herd'/restoring balance - whether you agree with that or not - RATHER THAN himself being an advocate of any move to similar effect being implemented by the hands of man in the person of the "Elite".

Is Deanna's Achilles Heel Christianity/the Bible? Does God really provide plenty? If so why hasn't he ensured it is distributed better? Klassen makes more sense about this: the message of the New Testament is one of improvidence ('lilies in the field'). Reclining indolently and expecting manna to drop from the heavens is an insane and self-destructive mindset, calculated to destroy.

Anonymous said...

The jewish gulags shot Russians and Germans in the back of the head. Yet Hitler (who was "staunchly anti-jew") gave them movie theaters, swimming pools, soccer matches, currency, brothels, etc. And we're supposed to believe that he did this "out of the kindness of his heart" and with German money, not jew banker money. What a fairy tale. Some great plan Hitler had, sending them to 'israel' and catering to their every need while they were kept away from all the bombing. Its so perfect that youd be a moron to think a jew didn't come up with it.

Christopher Marlowe said...

There was a noticeable shift in attitude towards Mr Elsis, between the last show and this one. I feel that this is unavoidable as the topic of "world population" is going to be highly subjective, and depending on an individual's belief in a Providential Creator God.
Most everyone here will agree that the Jewish cabal is trying to 'cull the herd'. But are there "too many people"?
Christians would say no, and that God will always provide. Our problems with poisoning the world and our food supply are the result of our sinful way of life.
People who believe that "everything is up to us" might believe that we are nearing the maximum capacity of the planet, and that the population has to be limited.
An individual's belief on this topic is, more or less, a premise, and it is difficult to argue premises, or 'big questions' as they tend to be 'self-evident' or reliant upon proof that is difficult to verify.
I believe in God, and, although I used to hold the opposite 'over-population of the world' view, I now believe that it is irrational for the following reasons:
1. The rational response to such a belief would tend to be similar to what the cabalist Jews are doing; i.e. eliminate the 'unnecessary people' quietly. If there are too many people, then eugenics is rational.
2. Believing that there are too many people is so highly subjective (see above) that it cannot be entirely based on fact. Therefore the more charitable choice is better; i.e. to believe that there is plenty of room for all.
3. Much of the belief about 'too many people' reflects directly on how one views 'other people'. If we see others as children of God, then everyone is precious. If we see them as 'brown people taking my stuff', then eugenics is sure to follow.
4. “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées