March 17, 2013

Israel cyber-spying on US with impunity

The complaints and concerns that came were not hard to get as there are many people in the IT security business that are enraged with what the Israelis are allowed to get away with here, virtually a free pass in terms of prosecution. There is a simmering rage about it, and the endless questioning of “why don't we just roll up all of their operations and be done with them?” They really know why, though… political corruption.    ***Read article at MY CATBIRD SEAT***

Fox News 9-11 Israel-Mossad Banned News Report 


Anonymous said...

Huum do we detect a reoccurring theme here ?

From the 1930 on we have a long string of Jews caught spying on the US and transferring its secrets.

Apparently the "special relationship" the US and Israel have is like the relationship a butcher has with a cow.

The other nations of the world must know by now that America is just a proxy state for the Jews and their murderous global crime ring.

I wonder what the day of reckoning will look like and will Americas believe they are being attacked by evil aggressors for no good reason ?


Anonymous said...

Israel to ask Obama to strike at Syrian missiles. Israeli officials say they feel they have been left alone to deal with the spread of Syria's arsenal of anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. Dov Zakheim, a former US under-secretary of defence, told the Herzliya conference, a gathering of Israeli security officials and analysts: "The United States does not want to have to react to Israeli military action. We don't want the tail wagging the dog and with all due respect to Israel, we're still the dog."

Anonymous said...

mmm... This image... Is it really Israeli Cyber Command Zentral? Or,is it really...