March 17, 2013

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager March 16, 2013

MacDonald and Tanstaafl on Auster and Jewish Influence

 Prof. Kevin MacDonald, author of the famous trilogy on Jewish evolutionary strategy, and Blogger Tanstaafl of Age of Treason have both written about Jewish-turned-Christian Blogger Lawrence Auster (recent photo shown at Left) and been written about by him in return. Look here for Tanstaafl.  In this program they consider:

  • Why Auster is someone worth writing about;
  • Comparing Auster to an Alan Dershowitz;
  • Jewish ethnocentricity as a biological trait or imperative vs an ideology;
  • How approval for the term “the Other” changes whether used by Jews or Whites;
  • Why Jews are so anti-White;
  • Can we afford to have Jews in White nations if we want them to remain White;
  • How to get over fear of being called names;
  • Dilemma of young, white males in today’s multicultural society;
  • And a few more things, too.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So MacDonald is now going on shows hosted by a close and loving associate of a genocidal maniac named Alex Linder and a convicted sadist murderer CI lunatic called Billy Bob Finck ?

So very smart of his nutty tenured bourgeois ass. He just became completely irrelevant to 99% of Americans and 98% of all truthers through association but he's too thick with his own pansy little 'intellectualisms' to realize it.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

@ Anonymous, March 18, 2013 at 3:54 AM,

Typical "guilt-by-association"-argument by a typical JEW who can't bear the thought that Gentile intellectuals expose the Jewish mentality. Prof. MacDonald's work is not only relevant for all Americans but for the whole world. His books are praised all over the Internet. Too bad for you Jews that you can't control our thinking anymore!

Anonymous said...

Recommend for the most part, but some gripes:

1. this packet of three appear to believe in their Own Private Idaho. What they are really expressing is the desire for re-establishing freedom of association.
But all talk of exclusion is a waste of breath now, 50-60 years after freedom of association was abolished and its converse enforced at gunpoint, heralding the joys of busing etc. Plus NW States like Idaho have been heavily colonised by Mexican illegals. Where you going to run to? (Strange but true - the UK?!? More yanks here than used to be... a few stars in a night sky).

2. Instead if you still think there's mileage in the political process (hah) why not press for screening and exclusion of Congressional and State political candidates for psychopathic traits? Last year there was publicity on some EU initiative for getting more women into representational government. Totally misconceived. What we want is FEWER NUT-JOBS in office not more people determined just by reference to gender. Women are just as kooky as men and often carry over their maternal instincts into political territory where they wreak havoc.
Such testing incidentally would very probably sift out lots of self-delusionists of the kinds that the speakers take exception to and the risks of medicalising dissent in the selection process seem no more negative than the current system.

3. Rick Angryman calls in from Florida and berates MacD, pushing the line of whites being the Lost Ten blah blah. CI doesn't seem to make for influencing skills.

4. McD is right in relation to Stewart/Stuart: go talk among yourselves instead.

Skype users advise: why did CY have to cut off McD in mid flow to go to a caller then interrupted the caller to go back to McD for him to finish his point - discontinuity abounds. Isn't there some more deft way of handling calls? Evidently keeping them on hold doesn't make them go away anyhow.