March 23, 2013

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager March 23, 2013

  Vincent Reynouard – New and improved video on Oradour-sur-Glane

Long-time French Revisionist Vincent Reynouard, with his partner Marie, describe their new work and it’s importance in the larger scheme of holocaust revisionism. Oradour-sur-Glane is France’s “Auschwitz,” says Vincent,  a protected memorial and “tourist attraction.” Topics covered:

  • Some history on Vincent’s involvement in the subject  since 1997, beginning with a 204 page book “Le measure acre l”Oradour;“‘
  • The failure of our people to financially support working revisionists leading to decision to sell the full-length feature film rather than put them on the Internet for free;
  • New 1 hour 37 min. video – “Oradour:  la contre-enquete” presents new arguments to those historians who failed to respond to the original arguments  since 1997;
  • Point is made that failure to respond means they lose the argument;
  • Need for help to make English and other-language versions of Vincent’s videos;
  • Official history in 1999 by Oradour Memorial Committee makes no mention of Len Cotton, RAF crew member who hid in Oradour church, cared for by a Resistance member, after a crash-landing;
  • Video shows new pictures of church victims still wearing their shoes and clothing, but with heads, arms, legs, etc. missing – proving an explosion was cause of death, not a fire;
  • Point made that fear of losing current “freedoms” is more important than Truth for majority of people in Western, White society;
  • “Holocaust” is seriously being presented as new world religion by “world leaders,” eg. Obama at Yad Vashem.
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Anonymous said...

Vincent Rayounard's ideas are interesting. He thinks that Hitler and National Socialism is the only system that counters the "logical" rights of man by the United Nations such that with National Socialism the natural order is honored and preserved.

He asserts that Hitler's views of National Socialism were cultural, not economic. Economics grows out of culture, not the other way round.

Pretty thrilling stuff when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

if that were only on this show...

first part of the show was CY saying that Eisenhower was bad & connected to Mordor

the second part of the show they had a woman who spoke for about 2 minutes

and a man asking for money and discussing his court cases and wanting us to speak French because he has no time for English.

CY also talked about the importance of a scorched earth strategy to destroy your enemies in the rear (which is a favorite tactic of the communists)

People think it is charming when someone speaks a foreign language.
I don't care if you grunt to each other when you are living in your home or land, but

if you want civilized people to understand you, you must speak English. These people speaking their funny foreign language & their strange habits are weird.
The people who only speak spanish in the USA are just considered dumb, retarded, stupid. They are not admired.

I don't understand why the woman was on, but I would have liked to hear her speak than this guy, possibly.

Carolyn Yeager said...

All these anonymous trolls (2nd one) are still around - don't seem to be affected by your troll

I am forced to repeat that if you want to repost programs from The White Network, you need to prominently display the link to the original post on our page, with the words The White Network. Thank you.

For a comparison, look how you feature Renegade Broadcasting's name! Also Rense. I'm not asking for that, but why the favoritism?

Carolyn Yeager said...

P.S. And not a bunch of links to other websites. What's with that? I don't see that anywhere else.

zapoper said...

WHOOLI is relatively new at this especially when it comes to HTML. I added The White Network in bold red.

As for the links, It's WHOOLI's post and the way I see it, he can post whatever links he wants.