March 23, 2013

The International Jew Study Hour March 21, 2013

“Jewish Rights” Clash With American Rights – Episode 39

 “The International Jew” Study Hour presents: Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 35, ” ‘Jewish Rights’ Clash with American Rights.”

It is the Jews themselves that interject the religious element into the “Jewish Question.” Study of the record shows that the “rights” they demand can be summed up in the “right” to banish everything from their sight and hearing that even suggests Christianity or it’s Founder. Since 1906, with the creation of the American Jewish Committee, their demands increased in number and insistence. This chapter  details many of these demands, starting in 1899 and continuing to 1917, showing the large number of small points at which Jewish life conflicts with community life.
Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

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