March 16, 2013

The Road to Enslavement Begins with Submission


Ares said...

The road to enslavement starts with enslavement which starts with Bible indoctrination. The Bible is written by Jews who use it to enslave the goy, and you are goy if you believe the Bible and the Jews as gods chosen.

Christians are taught to obey, obey god and obey the state. Just like any farm animal Christians are domesticated humans being exploited by the farmer Rabbi.

Christians are taught that god put the government in charge. No matter how corrupt the state officials are the Christian will never rebel because of this belief.

Christians are taught the hierarchy of authority.

Freedom is won first by claiming yourself and your authority back from the king and the priest.

"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."


No one has any authority over you, once you fully realize this within your being you have taken the first step to freedom.

Ares said...

What is the purpose of CI?

To enslave those breaking away from Bible authority.

The bait being used to trap CI adherents is an appeal to the ego, CI claims you the white anglo saxon can be the real Jew.

CI claims that Yahwey loves you but only if you obey. First the bible god is an artificial construct, a fiction, a god meme. Secondly this god is a war god and is evil. Third if you are decent person you should not want to follow it, let alone worship it. To worship Yahwey is to worship evil.

The only way out the Jew trap is to ditch all Jewish ideas. You must free yourself from Bible in order to free yourself from the Jew.

CI is a trap.