March 16, 2013

The Ugly Truth Round Table Re-Broadcast 3-15-2013

Considering that–against the better advice of those here at TUT–President Obama is about to make his first visit to Israel, with all the danger inherent in this, given as hated as he is in the Jewish state, we thought a rebroadcast of the program done nearly a year ago featuring Mark Glenn, Mark Dankof, Keith Johnson and Mike Piper concerning the threats made against the life of president Obama by Andrew Adler, editor/publisher of The Atalanta Jewish Times was in order.

Show-page                   AIPAC – The Israel Lobby Exposed(full video)


Al-Qaeda a tool for West's political/military adventures



1776blues said...

Its always painful listening to TUT's programs for reasons other than Mark is anti-white. The main reason is the shows are low budget and sound like they are in a tin can and plagued with choppy sound. Yet, Mark continues to ask for donations to keep his broadcasts going, which begs the question; are the donations for supporting his large family?

Sometimes a simple reboot can clear up most of this as well as reducing the amount of programs running in the background. Add-ons can create havoc.

Anonymous said...

"Are the donations for supporting his large family?"

"Anti White"

"Low budget"

So you basically have no complaints about the info, guests he has on, the other hosts of then program and the opinions he puts out.

You avoid at all cost, the discussion being had and instead focus on the Jewish art of smearing. It is getting old and is all too obvious and quite sad and pathetic.

Dr Tony Martin explains in detail how the Jews used these very same tactics on him for over ten years.

A must watch and it also discusses the Jewish involvement in the slave trade which they refuse to aknowledge.


Trek said...

No truth on Sandy Hook, "ugly" or not. I love the truth but some on this network seem to lack the same passion; hence "ugly"?

Anonymous said...

toofers gonna toof