May 23, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.05.23

Today: Dr. David Duke has a very special segment on human freedom and it shows the main two reasons for the horrific recent beheading in Great Britain. 1) The Zionist control of American and European policies in the Mideast and elsewhere in wars for Israel but have been catastrophic for the victims of those nations where the wars are located as well as catastrophic for America, Europe and the rest of the world AND 2) The Zionist promoted open border immigration policy that have brought millions of people into European peopled lands which have fueled societal conflict and hatred. Then Dr. Duke and Kay Wahlen go into the conflicts among friends and family and the importance of setting personal boundaries, as well as the presentation to other solutions to debilitating conflicts and mental anguish of relationship troubles.

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Anonymous said...

They passed a secret bill Mortiis, to prevent public from getting info on #SandyHook.

Mortiis, the secret bill will only prevent the public from getting a small amount of info.
the small amount of info to be excluded is:
statements made to police, photos, audio tapes, any info on the victims, 911 calls, any info a/t injuries to victims.

Mortiis, if anyone asks for info about #SandyHook, Mortiss, they are to be told that the Gov respects the public's right to information.

Mortiis, the work on this bill is being done in complete secrecy w/ everyone involved, top reps from Connecticut House & Senate, The Con Attorney General, Con Governor & top reps from the FEDs, so no one in the public can do anything a/t it.