May 23, 2013

Pawn Stars TV Show Gives America a lesson about Silver and Inflation



Anonymous said...

200 year silver chart:

what goes up must come down, all bubbles pop and we are still inside the biggest bubble of all time, the Federal Reserve debt bubble

with interest rates lower than the great depression my money is on deflation and silver in the teens in the near future

Anonymous said...

Silver surplus chart

How does Jew Wall Street make money? They blow bubbles, they make money going up and they make money going down. They don't care if they oversell paper silver vs. physical silver, all they have to do if there is a run on physical is to crash the price so they kill demand.

Silver is industrial mined, according to the 2012 World Silver Survey, the cash cost for mining silver in 2009 was $5.02 an ounce.

When the bust comes the price will be driven below production cost and inefficient producers forced to shut down. Silver in single digits is possible.

Anonymous said...

Jew media.
No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Silver has been harder hit in the last month or two than gold. If stock mkts drop off again for want of 'growth' then if gold goes up as it did the other day and stays up that suggests the gold bull run isn't dead yet... and that gold IS a better hedge against DEFLATION than against INFLATION?

Gold did rise to over 1400 but it's back down under again....

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you letting me post this article? I've posted it 4 times, If you disagree with the opinions presented, then debate me, don't silence me like a coward.

Why seeds will be more valuable than gold

I've spoken with people who lived in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation of World War II. Food was extremely scarce because the occupying Japanese army confiscated all farm production (just as Obama promises to do in the United States).

Many Taiwanese starved to death, and the ones who survived did so by growing "stealth gardens" of hidden crops. One of the top lifesaving crops was sweet potatoes, grown in hidden locations unknown to the Japanese soldiers. To this day, many senior citizens living in Taiwan who survived Japanese occupation will not eat sweet potatoes because they are still sick of them.

During these hard times, food was the currency, not gold. If you tried to acquire something with gold -- such as renting an apartment -- you were laughed at. But if you brought food, you had a deal!

Gold can't keep you alive. Food can. History has shown than when push comes to shove, food is far more valuable than gold. A starving man will give you every last ounce of his gold in exchange for one meal of food.

Think about that for a minute as you ponder your preparedness strategy. I'm not saying you shouldn't own any gold or silver, but seeds are a far more universally valuable barter item because they are a technology that can produce food. Gold can't grow more gold, and silver can't grow more silver, but seeds can grow food and produce more seeds, and that's as close to a miracle as you'll probably ever see in this lifetime.