May 19, 2013

Renegade Roundtable 2013.05.18

In all fairness, this is an edited version of the show in which they bashed Mami's shit.

I've been posting your shows since day one guys and this kind of behavior is childish in my opinion. I'm especially surprised at Mike's comportment.

P.S. When I called in to the show, I wanted to say that bashing Christians was counter productive. On the other hand if we could get most of them to realize that Israel is a peace of shit rogue State then we might have a formidable army on our side.

In any case, best of luck to you guys. BTW Mike, you need to work on that French Canadian accent some more. That was a bad impression of the French one. LOL.

Last renegade post in here unless you guys still have the urge to bash us again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, not these idiots again...

Anonymous said...

"I'm especially surprised at Mike's comportment."
Why would you be surprised? No different to the Rectal situation. Obviously rectal's a clown but the way these degenerates reacted says it all.

We're better off bringing back The Champ lol

Anonymous said...

So what they want is to come to their site and kiss their ass, like car waxers at doof militia?

They must be delusional enough to think that they're worth it, lol. That is why white nationalism is isolating itself before even taking off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Sooo hang on... Mami's said they weren't posting anymore Renegade shows but now this and you say you might post more if they bash you? Mami's just lost any shred of credibility it "might" have had in the first place! You guys are all over the place...

Anonymous said...

Celtic Rebel issue was
to close to 1/1 w/ this guy including using these little thumbnail iconic photos.
so he had it coming.

problem was most of kyle's remarks were wide of the mark, I will not waste space listing all of his errors. best 1 was where he thinks everyone who uses this website SOLELY fantasizes a/t creating a podcast about renegade.

trying to get to the bottom line of all this is that the problem renegade ran into was that the most of the statements posted on Mami's turned out to be correct & they also created their own self fulfilling prophecy in that regard.

Otherwise, they had a jag when the initial caller distracted them into focusing where kyle made an accurate statement a/t a lot of these arabs being of bi & stange sexuality. Mike also made some good comments a/t rude foreigners where he lived.

lugh & dana were pretty wide of the mark all night long. lugh more so w/ his idea that the rebels in Syria have a personal grudge against the Alawites when in fact they are mercenaries mostly via Guantanamo, Libya & Qatar
The last thing I heard was a/t looking at 4chan "political" board. This is where @youranonnews came directly from & @youranonnews politics are definitely anarchic communist & very multicultural.
this is a philosophy that I am personally opposed to.

dana tried to insert some strange idea about joining with Pakistan that I did not understand.

I think the point that zapoper tried to make is correct. I myself, I am Christian.

basically renegade & truthmilitia are at the same point I thought they were at some time ago.
truthmilitia needs streaming technology that renegade has & truthmilitia has the better Alexa that renegade covets. & for renegade to stay at blogtalk when there is a merger advantage to leave; quality of audio at blogtalk is declining.
they both now have a self inflicted fiasco & then blaming mami's shit. So, they are both at the same evolutionary level.
-uagoads stone

caltrop said...

Enough of this passive-aggressive shit.

Don't fall for Renegade's obvious overt manipulation:
"don't post our shows"

listenershit nosedives

"let's talk shit about Mami & zapoper, maybe they'll post us again so that we have another excuse say not to post our shows? life is great when it's all about us!"

listenershit rises a little

and so on ad infinitum

take control you wise dudes

I, for one, would rather listen to a six-beer boogie from zapoper or a grizzom skype roundtable than more wothless drivel from the 'Renegade' stable of mental defectives.

Anonymous said...

Is this site a gossip column now? LOL! "He did this!", "He did That!". You guys are ALL a pack of silly little girls arguing over nothing. Get over it & yourselves for fuck sake geez...

Anonymous said...

White natioanlists are the most intelligent, critically thinking individuals out there and it takes really A LOT to earn their respect and admiration and if you're not up to the standards, Renegade, you can only blame yourself.

This is not some Alex Jones/Howard Stern type side show carnival, this IS the real deal. If you want to get more fans for no effort, you can continue with the comedy routine, but this is the question of survival and lot of people still seem not to get it yet.

Anonymous said...

Mike was the only host at Renegade i used to respect until he joined with christian-bashing bandwagon. What a waste! Now they're just irrelevant clowns, like they used to be in Celtic Rebel days.

Maybe they where not serious from the beginning, who knows really.

Anonymous said...

Listening to last nights round-table was cringe-worthy & painful. The level of vitriol on display spoke volumes about the level of idea- bankruptcy going on over at Renegade.
To devote a whole show on how "They" are the "Victims" of mami's site policy regarding "Trolling" was laughable. How do they hope to create any sort of viable following if they cry about the nasty language used against them in a "News Aggregator" Online blog fer chrissakes? Does creating some sort of internet "Walled Garden" ,where no dissent is allowed,& the only comments heard are the subtle ego-strokings of a movement in danger of disappearing up the fundament of their own rectally-inspired assholes?
These cry-babies should run home to their mamas for protection. They are obviously not cut out to survive in the "real-World".

Anonymous said...

Flush the Shit down the toilet,

no cry no bye

off to shithead land for rent a fags

no more stupid art work :-D x2

P.S. Bring the Fagan fanggots with you. (no typos ere)

RJ said...

renegade was uplifted in status by mami's shit. they got tons of traffic because of it. if anyone is the troll its kyle coming in here scrounging for trolls and what not. .
talk about ungrateful... good luck renegade.

Anonymous said...

Me So Happy. :-))))))))))))))))))))

Lube and the Fags cry cry more plz i want to hear the faggots moan more.

Truly Pathetic :-)

100% lame :-)

So nice to hear them moan about the trolls here, WE ARE FORCING THIS FAGS TO READ OUR COMMENTS, how Jewish of us. we must all be commmy fags here.

We don't Listen to you Fags cause you are know nothing.

Die pain full fag death from crying when no1 listens to you muppets

Anonymous said...

Private property ? Who the fuck said Mami's isn't 'private' property ? It definitely has different rules (a LOT more free speech and a lot less banning) than you homos over at Rentagate.

What a bunch of ego-tripping petty little pussy ingrate crybaby nobodies, peeing on their biggest supporters over a comment section that is completely on another page and which no one ever has to click on and read if they don't want to. Even a lady like Deanna Spingola has thicker skin than these toy soldier quarter-semite, half-Slavic, Jew-banging baboons.

Almost every single Sludge show that was posted here got 500 to 600listens on Mami's end alone and these guys consider that 'nothing' and 'utter nonsense' ? What are these guys, still scared of promoting their own shows on Stormfront and VNN and taking heat from the hundreds of thousands of hardcore white supremacists, Christians and CI's over there ?

These dishonorable clowns also have no idea about how loyalty works in collectives and in the conspiracy community. Many people who are loyal to Mami's due to its open-mindedness in posting a wide variety of shows and allowing a free-for-all comments section, folks who previously listened to their shows eagerly will no longer be listening to people who have displayed backstabbing and ingratitude as a character trait more than once. But these morons are too dense to understand how that psychology works. It's how you treat your friends that counts above all else.

Would you support someone that screwed over and insulted a member of your family, one of your close friends or even a member of your club or gang, your extended internet social circle ? The classless and guttural way they treated their previous biggest supporter, the Rectal Rebel, was only a premonition and prelude to the way they were obviously going to be treating all others who busted their balls in their support in false expectations of receiving loyalty for loyalty given.

Bottom line is no one would know who the fuck Kyle Hunt was if not for the Celtic Rebel.

His hairy orange ass wouldn't be on Oracle even for the short period that he managed it without CR. Same shit for Sledge. Rebel was the guy that brought his no-talent third-rate-clown act back on Oracle in order to have another Jew-wise show on the network.

Anonymous said...

5:52 AM
CR wasn't an Israeli shill. Just a clown with his own weird views. He spent a year talking about Jew filth and their control over media. His problem was over the multi-cult issues which is understandable because in this movement, if you're not germanic with blonde hair, you're a mixed mongrel traitor.

The other issue is that White Euros need a populist movement... not some freaks on about sun-goat-satan worship. As long as there are retards in this movement alienating 90% of our people in various ways, it will go nowhere and just turn more people back to the system. At least the system provides something... wtf do these people offer?

Even Andre at TF has a real understanding of populist approach but too many rejects in this movement are just role playing fantasists who couldn't care less about the 'future'.

Anonymous said...

It's also hilarious that this arrogant douchemachine Hyle Kunt probably thinks his booty doesn't stink just because Kevin MacDonald agreed to come on his show in addition to the 30 other shows he does regularly every month.


As for it being 'utter nonsense' that Mami's had an important hand in building the audience for rentagate ?

Zapoper already mentioned that the Alexa ratings speak for themselves. He was nice enough not to rub it in :

We've got you fucking losers beat by almost a million points in the world rankings and close to 260,000points in the US rankings.

So who was it who helped build who's audience again ?


The proof is in the thick fudge your munching on right now with your bullshit exposed. Mami's was even more popular a few months ago in the pre-Oracle-bust-up days. Rentagate didn't do shit to build Mami's compared to what Mami's did to build Rentagate. That is UNDENIABLE.

As for 'a site that doesn't create anything,' has no 'original content' and is 'ripping off other people's talents'

ha ha hee hee ho ho, what a joke !

Mami's has only been around a year and it's already the original home for the talents of Foon1, Scorpio, Delcroix, Tezzer, RJ, etc. THIS, in addition to being the No. 1 supporters of both the ingrates at Rentagay and the ingrates at Troof Militia.

And what better proof is there of what a third rate wannabe comic loser Titorenko is than in his retardedly crappy impressions of a French accent and Hulk Hogan both. If talent is any judge of things to come, it's painfully obvious that a hundred Titorenko's couldn't stand in for one Jew like Peter Sellers. said...

We always win you rentafags

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a fuck either way. I came here looking just to take a peek at the info and links posted and all I see is a bunch of whiny children ON BOTH SIDES OF THIS ARGUMENT! Most of the silly arguments posted for and against in the comments at Mami's really are nothing more than extremely childish bickering. You guys need to grow up (but I doubt you will). Movin' on through...

Anonymous said... said...
We always win you rentafags
May 19, 2013 at 9:29 AM

Just so it's clear - who are "We" and what are you winning?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:29 AM

What's the prize for winning? A bag of Mami's shit?

Anonymous said...

just got done listening to the roundtable show (unedited version) and i actually thought it was fuckin funny! i laughed my tits off! LOL! that mike sledge is one talented motherfucker and you guys at mami's are great source of comedy material! please don't stop all this cos it's better than anything on tv atm! LOL! said...

9:35 AM

The children of Israel win every battle in this fight. Get used to it. said...

@ 9:37

The prize for winning is your 8yr old son because that's what the men of Israel demand for their pleasure!

Anonymous said...

They got their panties in a melvin this time! LOL!

Anonymous said...

May 19, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Pastor must of fucked you in the ass pretty hard when you were a kid, you seem to have so much hatred inside of you.

Anonymous said...

Rentafags burned their ass pretty bad, looks like they're done for good.

Christianity christianity is baad wawawawawawwawaaa, Yahweh is evil babababawawawawa fuckin down syndrome ridden abortion victims.

Go listen their unedited show; it was just two hours of moaning and bitching, Dana the mongrel cocksucker and miss Lube were the most passionate crybabies.

Anonymous said...

on tonight's show, Dave From TeJas will be perfroming a pagan ritual of tugging & pulling upon the sacred uncircumcised foreskin w/ both hands!

& whilst the show is on, both Kyle & Mike will pay maximum respect by worshiping goats.
-was NNedieSS

TheOctave said...

Just heard the renegade audio file. They could have had more wisedom.

They have question the creative part of this site.

The creative part is that Mami and co. put together all other issues of this world.
If not for Mamis page I wouldnt have heard of Spingola, Rense, White Network, Covingtons West Plan, Giulianis rants,
Fetchos cat report, etc.

So this is the creative part IMO, putting it all togheter and not try to find about this subject on the Wilde World Web.

Thank you Mami and Co.

Anonymous said...


So in other words, you're thanking Mami for congregating all the shills and allowing trolls to guide the conversation by spamming?

Anonymous said...

5:13 AM Doof militia is retarded enough to have lube the warlock on, you lift first bra, only fit guidos are manly enough to listen to twoof militia! lol

Anonymous said...

If you take any notice of the trolls to the point *you* allow them to guide the conversation in your own mind; then it's your own mind that's weak.
Intelligent people ignore the trolls & only take notice of sensible commentators.

Anonymous said...

Mami is doing good job for promoting nationalism and opportunity for free commenting, this is what making internet alive. Otherwise it would be just another half dead blog with 200 visitors in a month.

And so far doof militia and renegade are the only crybabies, who can't handle people's opinion. They have their sites were they can censor as much as they like, but looks like noone is rushing to go there, lol

Anonymous said...

video excerpt from this broadcast

Anonymous said...

I just want to say for the record that I think Mike Sledge's impression of Alex Jones is hilarious. I laugh out loud every time I hear it.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I haven't listened to these guys much. I'm one of the early visitors to this site after Concen started having drama. The only one who's been consistent is Deanna. Even Carolyn Yeager caused all kinds of drama first with VOR, next with PRothink & ZCF. At this point, I have to think everyone is comprimised. Those that obviously weren't, are either dead, in jail, or MIA. Peter Shank, Edgar Steele, Curt Maynard, Matt Hale, Brendon O Connell, Bill Cooper, Mae Brussell, etc.
Maybe Gordon Duff was right after all.

Anonymous said...

It needs to said it out again - Rentagays dont have issues with jews, backs or mexicans, but with their fellow white people.

Look how Mike almost befriended with that Tel Aviv jew in previous show. No wonder, since kids kids are jewish.

Hyle Kunt seems not to have problems with feminism eighter, since they have other "inclinations".

Anonymous said...

It needs to said it out again - Rentagays dont have issues with jews, backs or mexicans, but with their fellow white people.

Look how Mike almost befriended with that Tel Aviv jew in previous show. No wonder, since kids kids are jewish.

Hyle Kunt seems not to have problems with feminism eighter, since they have other "inclinations".

Anonymous said...

May 19, 2013 at 2:43 PM

Mae Brussell was kike covering her tribe and i dont give a flying fuck what Duffy the jew thinks.

Anonymous said...

The level of ignorance here incredible. Renegade is right.

Anonymous said...

3:13 PM Yeah right asshole, and Renegay was smart enough to give Rectal Rebel another Platform, ignorance is Bliss with the Rentagays, And the fat Drug addict Kike sledge is just a crybaby who can't take criticism.

Anonymous said...

12:59 PM 200 visitors a month, sounds like Rentagay! lol
Yea Queef and Doof militia are just like the Crybaby rentaqueers who can't take any criticism, and just call you a jew. Only difference is the Doof Militia are Roid Guidos from cali and jersey.

Anonymous said...

12:10 PM HAHAHAH I know, Runnygay thinks they're the IDEAL ARYANS! LOL
Like who the 5ft canadian congested pagan warlock Lube?? or the fat Drug addicted kike lover Sledge?
yea, mighty aryans are ye...

Anonymous said...

Is this site a gossip column now? LOL! "He did this!", "He did That!".

Some might have thought it was, when another podcast about bad audio got to 244 comments before the mods mercifully shut the comments down. 244 comments about bad audio, and everyone is wondering why we can't fight the powers that be...

Anonymous said...

Great. Keep letting yourselves get divided and conquered. Let's just everyone just keep splintering and dividing and fragmenting off until we're all completely alone and separate from one another and disagree with everyone else and think that it's "my way or the highway" and have a "too many cooks in the kitchen" scenario and no one gets anywhere or makes any progress toward solving our problems. Way to go everyone. Let's just hand the jooze every last thing we have on a silver platter, for fuck's sake. That's basically what you're doing with this petty bullshit.

Anonymous said...

12:33 PM
Yep this a great blog that's probably the only one providing a cross-platform of views on the jew problem, without major bias to either nazis, jews, muslims pagans, christians etc...

It's a shame the quality of shows out there aren't great but that can only change by purging the trash. They should probably look at changing the blog's name though... it's a little crass.

Anonymous said...

Now accepting donations to the GET WANDA A NOSEJOB FUND.

Renegade anthem said...

Everybody stand up and clap along!

Viking powwa!

Anonymous said...

Given ALL the commentary and chat content on this site one can rationally only deduce one thing -


Freud's Rational Conclusion said...

Anonymous said...

Is a host @ Renegade not just the lover and father of a jew, but a real life jew himself? Or to be more exact a jewish poet? If you just cant get enough of those guys, show your support and buy his book.

Kreator Da Roof Tiler said...

@ 3:40 AM

wow u has the skillz homie! i haz made da amazon pages fo ma homies too! itz da schizz fo dem foolz cos now they thinkin i haz da big iq or sum shit! fo realz!

Anonymous said...

8:11 PM

So jewish quackperv incest lover is some kind authority to you? That figures.

zapoper said...

BUSTED??? You're just advertizing Mike's book. LOL

Unknown said...

Looking at the comments it is obvious that those obcessed with homosexuality anal etc dminate the anti Renegade crowd.

the picture shwon is testimamonial to what dominates their thoughts.
But what else could you expect from people who get on their knees to a dead jew in his underwear who says eat me.

Anonymous said...

John sholtes said... is obvious that those obcessed with homosexuality anal etc dminate the anti Renegade crowd... what else could you expect from people who get on their knees to a dead jew in his underwear who says eat me.
May 21, 2013 at 12:01 AM

LMFAO! I think that's one of the best comments I've ever seen from you Mr Scholtes! Certainly the fucking funniest! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Aaahhhh... the truth is sometimes hilarious :D

Anonymous said...

Hypocisy at it's finest. The Mami crowd cries when they get bashed but talk all kinds of s**t against Renegade when they feel like it. Do as I say and not as I do. If freedom of speech is so important why censor things which criticize you? Freedom of speech is only important IF YOU ARE PARTAKING OF IT, the rest can be flushed down the memory hole. Oh wait, maybe I caught you in a bad mood, never mind...