May 19, 2013

What's Ailing America with Dr Rebecca Carley 2013.05.19

Guest: Andrea Boland

Dr. Carley' Site

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FuckAllBeliefs said...

Zapoper have you or Mami ever tried contacting Iconoclast radio?

Payday Monsanto? ( who by the way everyone should check out his new upcoming album Missles with Relish) & his track Tel Aviv Steve.

John Alan Martinson is also a great speaker and has done numerous documentaries on the Jew.

These 3 are Jew-Wise, sane, critical thinkers who have great radio presence and may be looking for a platform on where they can get a lot of viewers.

Anonymous said...


I'm guessing your request might merit more attention if you bothered to include some links. Here's one at random, for Icono

Yeah JAM is at least entertaining.

FuckAllBeliefs said...

Payday Monsanto can be found at his site here

-I strongly suggest giving 2-3 songs a listen even if you have your beliefs on rap.

John Alan Martinson can be found here

JAM would be seeking donations to have time for decent shows though but if you managed to get him on here I would definitely donate I miss his perspective on things it was always motivational and helps build a strong Jew-Wise critical thinker.