June 05, 2013

Colorado Governor Signs Historic Marijuana Bills

This Buds For YOU!
For the many friends of the herb out there.
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed the first bills in history to establish a regulated marijuana market for adults and initiate the development of a regulatory framework for the cultivation of industrial hemp.


wanda said...

A regulated market. Just me, or does that feel ominous?

foon1e said...

It was always coming Wanda. Just needed the time to be right - which it obviously is.
Guv'ment wants it's piece of the action - finally.

RJ said...

Murica, Fuck yea!

Anonymous said...

"This Buds For YOU!"

And, pay your weed taxes pottards, ALL 80 gazillion of them or we'll break your fucking kneecaps!

The auth-ori-ties are just "mooving" the herd from one corral to another.



Anonymous said...

Smoke it potheads, it makes you smarter, really.

Anonymous said...

Pagantards, march forward towards Colorado!

Anonymous said...

3:44 PM

Who's that unwashed creature on your avatar, miss Wanda?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Jesus loves you!

God bless ya all!

Jesus is great, Jesus loves you.
Yes, He even loves Jews who are considered as human pieces of shit,
(excrement),according to Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

I pray for you all!

delcroix said...

we don't need a statute
grow our own and feck the begrudgers
happy daze