June 05, 2013

Hundreds of Gunowners Show up in Temple, TX with Loaded Guns At the “Come and Take it” March

Another event not getting much airplay in the mainstream media.Hundreds of Gunowners Show up in Temple, TX with Loaded Guns At the “Come and Take it” March. Report at investmentwatchblog.com.


Anonymous said...

Don't let fear rule your being, there will be those that say stay home and don't do anything.

The system is corrupt, completely gone, America will not be regained until the Jew is defeated and his usury bank (Federal Reserve) either nationalized or eliminated.

The police are agents of the bank, those in uniform get their money from the Jew, they are the enemy.

The police protect the criminal class from prosecution, they are average people like you who have sold their souls for Federal Reserve Notes.

When the shooting starts, don't think, just shoot the uniform, anyone dumb enough to wear a uniform and defend the rich deserves their fate.

No one has any authority over you, authority is a meme created from the god meme, authoritarians claim that they can rule over you because the Bible says so.

Those that side with the state are the enemy, their DNA must be eliminated for humanity to survive.

Anonymous said...

Texas is where is starts, ALex Jones the inflammatory gatekeeper might of unintentionally got the rednecks all riled up ... lol

Notice that a real revolution isn't lead with a blowhard with a bullhorn

the revolution starts when YOU DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND ANS SAY NO! HELL NO!

The Texas Republic lives

Anonymous said...

This didn't get mentioned on the gun forums...nada...this is the first I heard of it...

Anonymous said...

All these camo wearing fatasses with their AR 15 pop guns walk just where jews want them to walk - DHS&FEMA death traps where they are forced to give away their beloved toys.

All jew-led revolutions has brought nothing than death and misery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for shutting Springola comments down because of these blithering retards. Who are eighter Deleney fanboys, Deleney himself or or some poor people who don't have any money for medication.

Anonymous said...

This march reminds of summer camp for overweight children where they head for the woods to play some war.

Unknown said...

I agree with that march.