June 07, 2013

Internet resource: (Not So)Complete Bill Cooper MP3 Collection.

Bill Cooper and Dog.
Here are the "Hour Of The Time" audio broadcasts of Bill Cooper, in MP3 format. They are posted in a reduced quality format due to bandwidth constraints, but they are all complete broadcasts. An important and fascinating collection of audio essays by a visionary before his time.
(Upon working through the files, it appears recordings after 1399 seem to have been deleted off their servers. Apologies to anyone looking for the later recordings.)


FuckAllBeliefs said...

I have respect for Bill Cooper for two reasons.

1. Was having the balls to admit he was wrong with the beliefs on alien conspiracy and that garbage.

2. Was dedicating research into what AlexJones was doing and calling him out as a conspiracy shill before 9/11 even occured.

Why I lose respect for Bill Cooper was his lack of knowledge on the Jewish problem and his refusal to see it as such.

Here's Coop saying it's not the Jew. Lol.

Papa Doc John said...

Kekeke, i feel my power.

WM88 said...

I would disagree that cooper never called out the jewish conspiracy, he just did it on his own terms. His shows on the ADL, B'nai B'rith, and his book BAPH containing the protocols in its entirety which has put it into millions of homes to be read and understood, speak for themselves. Yes, Bill said replace jews for illuminati in protocols document in his book but anyone with half a brain would "do the research themselves" as Cooper has said repeatedly. Seeing as how many people have tried discredting Bill (and there is ample reason to question his motives), there is no denying that Cooper has led many in the righr direction.

FuckAllBeliefs said...

Not saying he was a shill but he was wrong in many perspectives and to lead people away from the Jew made him someone who's information wasn't as valuable to me.

Again I said I respect the man but that is just my opinion on him, it would be like someone saying the Holohoax is a fraud but then says it isn't the Jews.

Unknown said...

Sing along with the Boll Cooper fans

Unknown said...

Cooper Always went off about the Nazis.

William Cooper saw parallels between the plight of Aborigines in Australia and Jews in Nazi Germany. His descendants: great-grandson Kevin .

JERUSALEM: Fifteen descendants of the Aboriginal activist William Cooper were in Jerusalem yesterday for the announcement of a new academic chair at the Holocaust History Museum of Yad Vashem named in honour of their forefather.

Less than a month after Kristallnacht, the night of r

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/israelis-honour-aboriginal-activist-who-led-protest-against-holocaust-20101212-18u2o.html#ixzz2VaW4JI9l

Cooper was just the predecessor Alex Jones. Cooper had advanced knowledge of 911 just like all jews did. He never names the culprits behind it just like Alex Jones and is antother jew operative,

Anonymous said...

How many LIES do duped fools discard because they are in love with a sack of shit named Bill Cooper?

1. He was a lower grade ENLISTED guy in the Navy/AirForce, yet he had access to all these top secret reports. ROFLMAO! As a former US Marine myself I just have to laugh at idiots who fall for "military" shit like this! The military is the LAST PLACE one will ever find truths. As Henry Kissinger said, "we are just dumb stupid animals to be used." and never would anything of value be placed in Military hands. The military, no matter what rank, must be kept blind and dumb, less this powerful organization go against the Jew.

2. He spread Jew/Hollywood UFO lies

3. He spread Jew/Hollywood Alien lies.

4. He personally saw many UFO’s in Navy and was threatened not to tell. LOL

5. He spread Moon Walk lies

6. He spread WWII lies about Hitler/Germany and the Holocaust Lies

7. He spreads its not the Jew lies

8. He spreads Nuclear Bomb lies

9. He spread HIV/AIDS lie

10. He spreads overpopulation lie

11. Says JFK’s driver turned around and shot him with gas gun, exploding bullet and fish poison.

12. He spread that race does not exist lies

13. He spread lies that America and other European White Nation were not founded by race/genealogy for our White Ancestors. LOL! All Nations are founded by a particular race/people. duh! And are only destroyed once that founding population is no longer the majority. Mexicans, Asians and Negroids cannot build and maintain an Aryan Civilization, just as we Aryans cannot build one of their types of civilizations. Its like asking a Black Bird to build an Eagles Nest or vice versa.

14. The music in his show even sounds like Tom Metzgers crazy shit. We all know sick music (beats/rhythms) is important to these filthy mind controlling sickos.

15. President Clinton even gave him commendations as "The most dangerous man in America" ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLAMO! Yea, dangerous to those seeking the truth about the nasty satanic Jew and HOW they lie.

* I could provide you with CONCRETE proof that shill Bill Cooper did not die in a funny shoot out with police in "Arizona" but I am certainly not going to reveal my source on such a shill website as Mami's Shit. Funny how Jews just love their "shit". One nasty Jew I knew took pictures and kept a computer file of his morning shits, while growing up this guys mother would yell to the family whenever she finished taking a shit. Do you do this as well Mami?

foon1e said...

You're entitled to express your opinion here John sholtes. Just as we're entitled to ignore the ravings of an obviously disturbed man. You protest a little too much methinks - & that is never a good sign of a healthy mind.
Just because *YOU* have a hard-on for the man, doesn't mean everything he warned about is dis-info. If you spent more time writing your own articles on your theories, maybe you'd be able to gain a 100th of the reputation of Mr Cooper. Would certainly be a better employment of your free time-which you do seem to have rather a lot of these days?

FuckAllBeliefs said...

@foon1e Sorry man but I actually have to agree with Sholtes here for the fact that Cooper just blew off information about the Jew without looking into it discredits him enough for me, and that's assuming he isn't a shill.

Anyways nothing ad-hominem has been said about Cooper we should not be following anyways but leading.

foon1e said...

@FAB. As i said before, people are entitled to believe what they want about the man. But i found what he had to say was mostly good info-even if he preferred to ignore the Jew equation in favour of other enemy combatants.
His good far outweighed his bad in attracting people to the many theories & truths hidden from them in the mainstream. & anyone who called out uber-shill AJ- only to die mysteriously a couple of weeks later deserves some credit.
"Mr" Sholtes seems to delight in spouting abuse of many voices-whilst always trying to cast aspersions against the messengers themselves because they don't aspire to the heady heights of his own personal worldview. he "poisons the well" of many commentaries here (& probably everywhere he goes). So-until i see him actually write something supportive & reasonable about those who actually put themselves out there without the safety net he enjoys. I'll continue to see most of what he posts as junk.

Ben G. said...

What information did Cooper put out that was valid? Thousand year old network of secret societies was his bullshit theory and all he did was try and find evidence to support it (which their is very little of). He was also a confirmed liar. Why does this so-called truth teller get excused for lying? Do you believe, foon1, that he actually saw UFO's in the navy? Because that's what he claimed.

FuckAllBeliefs said...


I'm not Believing Cooper was a shill, I am simply saying that based on the evidence he knows but chooses not to investigate I would recommend anyone to listen to him anything but skeptically , but that's the same thing I would tell anyone stuck in Belief that it isn't the Jew! Lol!

P.S. I was only pointing out that what John Sholtes said about Cooper should be noted. I don't agree with Sholtes for the same reason I don't agree with Cooper, Beliefs.

Although Sholtes pushes NS correct? There are a lot of lies about WW2 and Hitler, but Historical Revisionism is always left up to the Victors not the Slaves, this is a wrong approach obviously that should be revised AFTER we win! NS on a racial platform would not work in America nor would it work in Germany which is why Hitler said in Mein Kampf National Socialism COULD NOT be based on a Racial Platform, many people miss this because it doesn't go along with their botched theories on politics sadly.