June 07, 2013

Victor Beck - your birth certificate is NOT identification

Victor Beck explains how governments use the birth certificate to trick you into using their monetary system of control.                 Parts two, three, four or audio

The Babylonian Woe (1975) pdf

The Babylonian Woe video

Vic explains the debt slavery system in a way even a child could understand, well worth a watch.

Another good one: 100 Years of Debt Slavery and Counting

My Private Audio - Victor Beck 2013.06.06

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Signifier said...

Victor Beck pulls out the old canard that the Federal Reserve is an independent enterprise and is no more federal than Federal Express, a statement which is not factually true.

The first video also does not address the birth certificate issue.

Lastly, the first video goes out of its way to sell Griffin's book on the federal reserve, itself an unacknowledged ripoff of Eustace Mullins's work.

Signifier said...

Second Video: The birth certificate is the token that allows you to play the Monopoly Game of "working in the United States" or "working in Canada." The birth certificate is the token that allows you to play this Game, but YOU are not the token. YOU are a player, not the birth certificate.

When your name is in all caps as in (GEORGE SMITH), that name is not a proper noun naming a man; it is a legal statement naming a legal entity.

Third Video: Women are not Persons. If women are Persons then there are no Women. Women as Persons are Tokens that allow women to play the Game. Women are women and men are men. Person is a legal status.

Signifier said...

Fourth Video: Recapitulates some ideas not mentioned in my earlier comment above:

Money is not real. We really on work for each other, not for a company. Cost of labor is imaginary.

Equality made women and men Persons. Men are not Persons. Women are not Persons. Men and women are natural persons, not Persons.

The car you drive is not yours. It is owned by the owners of your birth certificate. The same is true for your house. The birth certificate is the token, not You. The token allows you to play the Federal Reserve Monopoly Game.

If the bank is a creditor, we the people are a better creditor. The bank relies upon the people to make the Monopoly Game work.

A promise is pay a debt is not a debt to or for natural persons; it's just the debt to the token that is part of the monetary game.

Victor Beck recommends men and women read "Babylonian Woe" by David Astle only available online: