July 14, 2013

Blacklisted Radio 2013.07.13

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.

Track info

Another powerfull info packed analysis and commentary! I covered lots of news and topics: Geopolitics, the Medias Trial Circus's, The Snowjob, NSA spying on everyone, Egypts Coup, SIFI's, Banksters Paradise in Jackson Hole, Bernanke / Napolitano exiting to mention a few.(Official Pod-Cast starts 9 mins in!)


Tim said...


its only fair for the foon now to also start posting alex jones.

at least jones is entertaining.


ps is it normal for Mami admins to post shill radio shows without comment?

foon1e said...

Absolutely normal Tim. We post whatever we feel is worth playing. Its up to you guys to listen,or not and comment.or not :)

RJ said...

I couldn't stand more than 4 minutes or so. He started talking about loving bass and 808's then a rap tune played..Thanks for posting the show f1. Now I know not to ever consider listening to this tool again and waste any more of my precious life.

Anonymous said...

So this jew-lover shut down oracle to get rid of the real truth tellers?