July 14, 2013

When A Fly Escapes The Web

It is said all enlightenment that is not from God is false.

This word, “God”, takes many people away from the meaning of this self evident message.

Change the word “God” to the word “nature”, as the Biblical God is nature and Jesus (as God) taught the natural law, and all becomes illuminated for all people.

The California Government Code, Section 243, simply states:
“243. Every person has, in law, a residence.”

When you understand this statement, which represents the unnatural state of man as an artificial person contracted in a jurisdiction and thus subject to man’s laws – which are against natural law (God’s Law) and nature itself (against God) – then you may finally understand how to be free of that web.

Those who remove residence, become outlaws.

Those enlightened with natural law would never choose residence, for they have the capacity to be free.

This may be the first documentary I’ve seen on what a free man actually looks like, in mind and body.

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