July 08, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.07.08

Today: Dr. Duke talks about some of the fundamentals of life and nature. Almost everyone sees the value of biodiversity and the terrible consequences of the lessening of biodiversity of our planet, but few realize that if biodiversity is valuable and important, that human diversity is just as important! The distinctions and expressions of humanity should be preserved just as we seek to preserve biodiversity. He talks about the fact that his new book The Secret Behind Communism is now being printed, and thanks those who contributed but stresses that contributions are still needed for this book's success and that authenticated, numbered and autographed books are still available over this next two week period with a special gift. Then he and Dr. Slattery discuss the nature of happiness, and how happiness actually precedes achievement rather than being a product of it, and explains simple steps to achieve a feeling of happiness and how that can propel achievement in your life. They talk about the work of Shawn Achor of Harvard University of the science of happiness. A special bonus health and fitness section to today's show that you will find extremely valuable.

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