July 08, 2013

Rothschilds Criminal Control 0f World Banks and War-´Making

"The control of half the planet´s wealth---$231 trillion---by Rothshilds under Evelyn Rothschild and almost all the planetary banks must be eliminated. To stop the war-making racket as Eustase Mullins says: FIRST all the diretors of the Federal Reserve should just be arrested. vimeo.com/67236269 
Then we can arrest Obama for his now clear frauds (Executive Orders etc.) for the money-mob, they--and the Rothschilds. then they lose ALL the world´s private central banks that they control. Just like Mullins says, simply arrest first the Federal Reserve Directors: vimeo.com/67236269  That´s they key to stoping their war-racket---as supported by the now evident fraud Obama.
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