August 28, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.08.28

Guest: Christina England and Baby A's mother; HPV Vaccines Can Kill And They Do!; Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety Form (adapted from Ken Anderson’s original)

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Doug said...

I guess she won't talk about the jews anymore since RBN is going to be on more radio stations. Piper already got the boot.

wanda said...

Heil Der... Furor.

wanda said...

Oh puhleze... Mr. I AM NOT A JEW... IN FACT, I HATE JEWS... Berg(?) does nothing but defame the jews while simultaneously singing Hitler's praise... give me a break.

Something ain't right. Read between the lies.

foon1e said...

Since when is telling the truth about the nature of the Jews "Defaming them" Wanda?
Sometimes i wonder why you hang around mami's commenting when your heart obviously isn't into Telling "Truth" to people?!

wanda said...

Because jews lie, and they do, does not equate to Hitler was a great guy... and any idiot should be able to see that.

foon1e said...

I'd love to see you debating *that* one with John Friend ;)

Yes, Jews Lie.Fact. They take a yearly oath to enable them to do that with a straight face to the Goy. fact. (Kol Nidre)
Why should the evidence provided by Jews about Hitler not be equally suspect? The history *you* learned was written by Jews mostly to create the illusion that Hitler & The German Reich were the instigators & perpetrators of WW2, when it was the Worlds Jewish & Zionist leaders who conspired to push their confrontations into war with him. Plenty of written evidence out there to back that statement up you know?

wanda said...

John Friend is a good interviewer. I don't have many problems with him but i will say the talking donkeys, every word of the bible is true debacle gave me pause. Do i need to say i don't consider everything Mr. Friend says to be gospel?

Yes, what the jews say about Hitler is most definitely dubious... that still does not equate to the opposite is true. I have not seen any reliable evidence.

foon1e said...

Mr Friend is currently under the influence of the malign C.I Movement. Therefore it isn't a surprise that Christian Dogma & fables play a part in the message he currently spreads.
But, just because he has issues in whom he chooses to trust information-wise, doesn't mean that the rest of the research he has done into Uncle Adolph is suspect. He can talk eloquently on that subject if given the chance to.
That's why he's a better person to debate the Truth about Hitler with than myself. he is the one who has the "Reliable evidence".
Ask Him.

wanda said...

I have listened to him. Namely when a guy... feck, i can't remember his name, but John had two shows with him. He presented much information, which i looked into, that Hitler was a jerk, and Friend neither acknowledged or denied it... he just claimed ignorance of it, and then it was never followed up on. I have a problem with that.

And many times, i myself, posted items i found that showed Hitler had ties to jews, bolsheviks, whatever, they are all the same... and plain old fashioned common sense tells me the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

That is all i am saying... Just because Hitler wasn't the monster he was made out to be by the jews does not equate to Hitler was a saint. That's not reasonable?

I don't see why it is important, one way or the other. Please explain to me why it is so important the world look on Duh Furor as some sort of saint.

foon1e said...

If you'd listened to my last podcast, you would have heard my opinion on who exactly Hitler was. I never called him a saint either. Merely a proficient politician with bad character judgement as to whom he took advice from(namely his *Jewish* Lieutenants & advisors). He was no more a monster than Bush,Blair,Cameron or Obama are today. & was just as manipulated by the machinations of the Zionists into behaving as he did as most modern Politicians are.
It is not necessary to view Hitler through rose coloured specs to understand that most of what we have been taught in the west since the end of ww2 was just the whitewashing of history;to put the "Allied" side in a more favourable light. But It is a necessary step towards awakening to the truth of how you have been deliberately blinded by those with agendas up til this point in time.

wanda said...

Well then, we agree.

Hitler, not a saint, not a complete jerk. The truth lies somewhere in between. That is all i have ever said.

Anonymous said...

All facts tell us that Hitler was a saint. All the liea have collapsed. There is no evidence that the germans would have been jerks. The englishmen and the Yankees have always been. And all the others who were led by the jews and the freemasons.

Why everybody wants to base their opinions in believings?

But maybe ZCF is a Jew himself or a chill. He is providing only ridiculous jewish lies based on their brainwashing.

Of course the truth is far from the mainstream. If You are thinking clearly enough, already without the facts You must suppose that You are not going to find the truth between the two poles.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of big lies is not to be believed 100%. The tactic of a big lie has succeeded, if You believe a part of it. Because You must not believe it at all. It is a big lie so it is 100 % BS.

Hitler was a saint. If You can't accept that because of years of brainwashing and with nothing else, You are a dollop of jewish bs. But You don't have to be. If You think that You cannot accept that You are just a dollop of shit You are juts eating it. But if You don't refuse to see the truth, You are not any more (a dollop of jewish shit).

wanda said...

That's absurd. For evidence of that i point you to Christianity... there are some truths in there... it isn't all crap. How about Alex Jones or David Eike... some truths, a boatload of lies.

There needs to be some elements of truth or no one would believe. The thing to do is examine everything in all ten directions and use discernment. The truth requires examination.

It is because of childish beliefs like yours that we have such a big problem with these Abrahamic religions. No one wants to take an honest look at things. They want the fantasy, for some fecked up reason.

Anonymous said...

I don' rust Your abilities to do research. I hav researched too. Hitler is a saint. You are the one with childissh beliefs and trust.

Because You have no proof. You just trust in impossible speculations.

1776blues said...

The fact remains that the Jews need to keep the lies they spun about Hitler alive. The power they have achieved mostly came by way of the alleged persecution by Hitler and Germany. Hitler did not come from royalty or money.

I'm sure he's had to do some pretty mean things, after all the Jews had Weimar Germany in a stranglehold. Consider this one incident that pissed Hitler off; the Jews working in a munitions factory went on strike. No one is an angel or saint but when your country is being turned into a filthy cesspool and its people's lives are at stake, you do what you have to do.

Its sad to see that many in the alternative movement still cling to the official stories and believe all the myths about the one man who stood up against Jewish power in modern times, while at the same time saying all the history we've been taught is lies. This is a case of intellectual dishonesty.

It should insult the intelligence of everyone when a group of people need laws to protect their fabricated story. Now that one only needs to read between the lies/lines.

Anonymous said...

It was wery clever pshycological trick to start talk about Hitler as a saint. It was ZCF who started it and it is clear that it sounds strange because nobody is an angel and because of huge brainwashing of the americans. But if You research the facts, You realize that Hitler was a saint. ZCF opposes mentioning j-word, defend the jews all the time and blames Hitler for everything possible. If You say the truth, he says You are a liar. ZCF is a jew. The jews hate the truth extremely deeply.

I think that everybody should realize now that ZCF is a shill. He has always been. He acts like a jew. He talks like a jew. I suppose he is a jew.

His new site is like a devil's one. Full of poison.

Anonymous said...

In Hitäer's system the boss sacrifices himself for a country. He is a saint. And he also never acted against international rules. He wanted peace and good friendship with his neighbours et. etc.