August 28, 2013

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.08.26 - 27

    He's back!

26th: Charles catches up after four months of no live broadcasts!
27th:   The Multitudes of Messiahs and continued Religous Text and  Historical Analysis.



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27th P.S. It seems like Charles was talking in a muted mic when he started the show.

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Unknown said...

Good on ya Zap for posting Charles' show.

Second post is not active. Are you gonna find out why?

When I clicked on "download" I got a 404 message.

wanda said...

Thank you guys... it is nice to hear Charlie's voice again... voice of reason.

You can find him here Don Damore:

the above is the Waking America Radio site... below are Charlie's archives:

It's a good day. I needed to find this because yesterday sucked so bad i felt we were losing this battle for sure.

Anonymous said...

W.A.R.N ;-)

wanda said...

Yes, we are warned Simsem. That's only logical. You got anything specific?

wanda said...

Oh duh, forgive me Simsem. God i need to put down the axe sometimes... it's been a bad week.

WARN is the acronym. Waking America Radio Network.

Sorry... :)