September 29, 2013

It All Goes Back In The Box


wanda said...

very profound... short and sweet... like all truths.

WHOOLI said...

wanda said...

As the story goes, Jesus came into the world in the usual way... through a vagina. So, in essence, if you are Christian, you follow the teachings of a man.

Jesus, according to the Bible, is the sun of man. And i have no problems with that, so long as people who profess to be followers of Christ stick to the words and acts attributed to Jesus... and those all relate to natural law.

Jesus, in my studied opinion, represents nature... mother earth... the feminine. The cup that bleeds, Jesus blood, that is woman. A symbol for woman is a chalice... it fits. This is how religions slip in the secret of the sacred feminine and lie about it at the same time.

So, Jesus is just a human, having channeled into here via the uterus, in the grander scheme of things, he is no different than any other earthly guru out there.

RJ said...

What matters is being.... What really matters is how you are perceived once they bury you.

wanda said...

RJ... there appears to be contradiction in your words. I request clarification.

Is it being here that matters OR what they think of you when you're dead... it can't be both.

Anonymous said...

I assume you will take a comment from a minority participator here with an opinion that differs from most comments here.

Yes, Jesus was born in the normal physical way and Mary was his physical mother.

But the ticket is to realize who Jesus' father was. So try to get a handle on what the bible says about that.

"The natural order reigns in society, and in the Church in
the minds of many bishops. "

This article showed me how those of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit have capitalized upon references to the natural order and the natural law in Catholic theology to twist and distort the word of God and infiltrate and destroy the Church.

But we shall see who and what gets destroyed in the end. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.