September 29, 2013

James Fetzer Confronted

Peak calls in and carrys on the destruction of Fetzer @ 12:30 Top Left!


RJ said...

I like Ryan Brooks more and more. Jim Fester is a well paid mouthpiece, but he's no match for truth. Thanks Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I have pretty much stuck by Dr. Fetzer's efforts in seeking 9-11 truth from when he came on the scene in 2005.

There are things one can accuse Dr. Fetzer of being a bit hypocrital about but Ryan did not seem to mention those things. Nevertheless, I still think Dr. Fetzer has made invaluable contributions to truth on USA's top conspiracies.

However, I do not think he is an op or an agent. He gets attacked a lot and I think he gets a bit over-defensive but it is good that he defends himself and his record, which is overwhelmingly good and very impressive. He has stopped many efforts intended to subvert 9-11 truth seeking efforts.

It is perfectly fine to change one's mind on who to support and vote for.

The inconsistencies that concern me are WITHIN Dr. Fetzer's work on 9-11 and within his leftist worldview. He does not seem to acknowledge the concept of "new world order", national sovereignty, Hegelian dialectic and a few other big items.

And Dr. Fetzer's philosophy of morality within agnosticism and atheism is ridiculous in my opinion.

I agree with Ryan that USA is dead and gone and it is best to drop out of the system as much as one can. As much as Ryan's solution to move out in the country with provisions and gun appeals to me, I know it is an idealistic / unrealistic thing for most Americans. But I think we can all do a lot of damage even if we are only able to partially drop out of the system.

I have come to see serious problems with the founding concepts of the USA. I am not sure we were so great even in the beginning.

The bad rich guys running things behind the scene were busy and successful long before founding of USA.

Getting rid of the Fed and withdrawing from the system and the "left/right paradigm" will not solve the problems we have in this world.

the rich we will always have with us and they worship the one who calls evil good.

Unknown said...

I'll stand with Duff and Fetzer over BryaN--the divisive element of BryaN is something that our chosen masters love. I'm sure they will send him a thankyou note

Unknown said...

I smells troofahs!

Unknown said...

Somebody should post this. It covers very well the issue raised by Peak and Brooks. The system really is gone in America; this was covered in Fetzer's radio show. Fetzer hasn't figured this out yet, Davidsson has and me too.

I don't wish to criticize Fetzer too much; but he was really quite rude to his guest at the 47.52 minute mark.

Please post it and judge for yourself.

wanda said...

There is no redemption to be found in poli-tics... (many blood sucking parasites in latin)... it is good and right to dis Fetzer.

Anonymous said...

Jim recently admitted that he thinks the Holohoax was complete bullshit. So we can understand why these filthy dirty parasite jew animals would attack him like this, you can hear the tone in their hate filled kosher voices the contempt they have that a goyim would go off course and publicly denounce the greatest lie in hitory. Hopefully Jim will jeep hammering at these filthy juden ratte parasites and not give in.

ConCenStasi said...

i think the holocoast was bullshit; now lets all get behind hillary in 2016, shes the one whos gonna save us

wanda said...

Is everyone missing the point here on purpose?

The point was that Fetzer is still pimping the left/right paradigm, and encouraging people to vote... which is definitely not the direction we need to go in. Not 9-11 truth, not any other obfuscating de-railment... the crux of the topic was Fetzer's propping up a system too corrupt to be redeemed. And it is.