Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.09.11

9/11 Anniversary SPECIAL – Following the Money Where No Man Has Ever Gone Before

Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition the evening of Sept 11, 2001.

The who, what, where and why notwithstanding; Andy tells us exactly which organizations were housed in Building 7, who ran the security and what important documents were destroyed in the demolition.

-Enron, World Com, Securities and Exchange Commission, and money laundering case files and more all lost in the demolition of Building 7
-Project Hammer – Poppy Bush, Alan Greenspan, 300,000 tons of gold and the 911 connection
-Barrack, Gold, George Bush and the 911 Connection
-Yamashita’s Gold, Japan, Marcos and the 911 Connection
-The Rothschild Family, George Soros and the 911 Connection
-240 Billion Dollars in Brady Bonds with George H. W. Bush and the 911 Connection
-Money laundering, J.P. Morgan and the 911 Connection
-Airline stocks shorted before 911
-You’ll hear a history lesson definitely not taught in schools

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