October 30, 2013

Israel and the NSA: Partners in Crime

Documents hint Israelis behind attempt to eavesdrop on France – but America takes the blame.
It wasn’t the US government breaking into the private communications of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to top secret documents unearthed by Edward Snowden and published in Le Mondeit was the Israelis.
In any case, the Israeli connection to the NSA’s global spying network – including its all-pervasive surveillance inside the US – has been well-established by Greenwald’s previous reporting on the subject: a September 11 article detailing how the NSA shares raw intercepts from its data-dragnet with Israeli intelligence, scooping up purloined emails and other data – in effect giving the Mossad a "back door" into a treasure trove of information on the private lives and activities of American citizens.
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