October 30, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.10.30

When It Comes to Money, Who Owes Whom?

-”Tragedy and Hope” Carol Quigley and the meaning of
taking the velvet glove off of the iron fist. It is now.
-The Social Security “Trust Fund” that isn’t there; the
American illusion continues.
-Lehman Brothers, five years later that Andrew calls
a “controlled demolition”
-Why it’s OK that Amazon.com doesn’t make money
-Secrecy, security, your money and where it’s going
-The IRS and their interest in healthcare
-U.S.A. Inc. and the balance sheet
-Audio from Alan Greenspan on the beginning of the
Great Recession and Andrew’s commentary
-A bubble is only a problem when the buyers are leveraged
-Derivatives – civilized Las Vegas, is one point four quadrillion. That’s 1,400 thousand trillion dollars
-Andrew’s analysis of gold prices the last couple of years
-Taxing bullion and other things that don’t move
40 Billion USD in help for homeowners from 2008 that hasn’t been spent
-The Rockefeller practice of writing down inflow and outflow
-The pros and cons of paying off the mortgage
-Hear Andrew’s argument for why it is always a good idea to pay your taxes. Always.

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