October 23, 2013

The Spingola Zone at AFP

Soft-spoken yet extremely hard-hitting, Deanna Spingola is one of the most popular independent voices in the alternative media today. Her radio broadcasts have been “must” listening for truth seekers around the world, and her books in the “Ruling Elite” series have captivated readers with their amazing revelations of many heretofore untold “hidden” facts of history.
Deanna's guest today is Zander C. Fuerza, the author of many articles and the book, Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax.            Show-page
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Mr Kobbala said...

So Ms Spingolah says Fed is a state institution? Very gut!

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the direction Deanna and Clint Richardson seem to be going. Clint says the FED is controlled by Congress. Nothing nefarious happening with the FED. I guess a Jew at the helm is just a coincidence now.

What they have not realized is that OF COURSE they have to cover their ass and write legal documents shifting the blame to NAMELESS entities.

This whole CAFR thing is basically the patsy. Just their way of covering their ass and removing their names from the evidence trail.

It will be interesting to watch both Deanna and Clint. How will their message change?

I've always thought that one day we will see someone coming forward claiming that it's not the Jews afterall. Clint said that the FED has a Master. But he has yet to tell us all "who" that Master is.

Or perhaps he has -- the blue bloods. The Queen of England is the mastermind behind everything. LOL. and Brad Pitt.

Expose Supremacists said...

I always have to wonder when one starts changing their tune if they have been threatened. I think it's pretty much a lam dunk that the jews created the FED and anyone who doesn't think the bankers are pulling the strings of congress are wrong. Follow the money as they say. I will always disagree with Deanna on this one. I don't really follow Clint, but I do agree, the CAFR is a patsy Roy Hobbs, nice post.

Anonymous said...

I did not listen to this broadcast. Good post, Roy Hobs. I have been "in the conspiracy corner since about 1998" and have pretty much followed all the issues and read quite a bit. I just started researching the Jewish angle about 2.5 years ago. Something about Walter Burien and the CAFR issue never seemed right. Mr. Burien was rude to me when I questioned him, innoncently and in a kind tone. That is just like Richard Gage does to 9-11 truth seeker people who do not accept the nanothermite gang's BS (bad science). That is very interesting that CAFR thing may be to deflect from Jewish agenda of Federal Reserve. Very cool hypothesis.

Also the question of who is controlling whom keeps coming up. No, the Fed is not controlled by congress. No and hell no. Congress is controlled by the Fed and the Fed is a Jewish controlled entity that is intent on taking control of all governments and all money in the world. Congress is also controlled by AIPAC and other big donators from AJC and other big money zionist PACs, but those groups are really one and the same with the banksters and the Fed.

So Deanna and Clint Richardson seemed to be very wrong on who is controlling whom issues. Just wrong or deliberately wrong is now the question.

I am very much afraid that more and more of the alternative media is controlled by the same folks who control mainstream media, so much of brave exposers and truth tellers on alternative media are being morphed into entities who constantly deflect from and suppress the truth.

Anonymous said...

One other thing. People who go with the Burien / CAFR story say that our governent, that is, almost all of the federal, state, and local branches of government secretly invest in Wall Street stocks and bonds with taxpayers money and that really the government owns almost all equities in all US companies. None of these ownerships, via stock ownership, by the government are reflected in the CAFRs and only Burien is able to decifer what does not look right about the accounting numbers as displayed in the CAFRS.
Supposedly Texas state CAFRs are on the up and up but most all other states' CAFRs are not.

Yes, state and local retirement funds do invest in stocks but usually those retirement agencies are quasi governmental agencies and not to be thought of as a government agency, like a full regular federal, state or local governmental agency is.

No sale.

Deanna said...

I am surprised that people have misinterpreted, selectively listened or have taken out of context what I said in Friday's program. There is no doubt that the jews control the Federal Reserve. There is no doubt that the jews provoked the economic crises that led to the establishment, by Congress, of the Federal Reserve. I have not sold out, am not going in a different direction but am simply reporting how Congress created the FR. They did not do it in the dead of night during the Christmas vacation but had a full quorum in both houses of Congress after conducting numerous taxpayer-funded studies on central banks. I never said that the jews were not behind it. It was a jew who created the ABA which still functions today as a lobby. My message is not going to change. Clint and I are not in cahoots in some secret agenda. He does his research and I do mine. The CAFR is a fact of life whether Burien is rude or not. I have never concealed the activities that the jews are involved in nor would I despite all of the criticism, threats and other nonsense that I have received for naming them as the culprits behind just about every bad thing thing that has happened on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Deanna for responding. I should apologize to you when I said, "this seems to be the direction Deanna and Clint seem to be going....."

Although you agree with Clint that the FED was a creation of congress; you have always stated that the Jew is still on the top of the power pyramid. My statement should have ONLY included Clint. It is Clint who, in his own words, says that the FED is controlled by a different Master. His own words.

He bobs and weaves from the jew to the blue bloods to the "government" to brad pitt.

I don't really care if the CAFR is a totally accurate document. But you can't convince me that Congress (whoever that may be in any given term) controls the Jews who make the decisions at the FED. Sorry....I'm not that stupid! The CAFR is the patsy. The CAFR is their way of covering their ass.

Next Clint will tell us we should trust the NIST report. I'm sure the information therein is accurate according to the numbers.

Thanks Deanna for weighing in. I apologize to you for lumping you into the same category as I did Clint. Please accept my apology.

Anonymous said...

Clinti is apparently not identifying the culprits, and neither is Walter Burien who only identifies the culprit at "the government."

It is not a question of the "accuracy" of the CAFRs. It is question of the CAFR's legitimacy and true and correct statements, in other words, it is question of fraud versus true represenation of one year's accounting by a governmental agency.

Bankster money and manipulations are indeed deeply involved with all government operations but no one so far has pointed out in clear specific ways exactly where the theft is and who is doing it.

Anonymous said...

"...it is question of fraud versus true represenation of one year's accounting by a governmental agency...."

Exactly Jeannon!

Expose Supremacists said...

I am so glad that Deanna stopped by to clarify...I feel bad! Thanks Deanna, you are the best

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not capitalizing "jew" or "jews."