November 28, 2013

DC 9/11 Conference Statement by Craig Ranke & Citizen Investigation Team

This is all very much consistent with the RAND Corporation-inspired Delphi technique -- a known method of manipulating groups toward a "consensus" that is in actuality the organizers' predetermined conclusion, which is already being used against the "truth movement" by the so-called "Consensus Panel" -- and is further indicative of the duplicitous and "rigged" nature of this "conference."
The fact that BEFORE EVEN INVITING US the organizers of this event had already agreed what the "outcome" of the Pentagon "debate" "has to be" and had a hidden/obscure plan to issue a predetermined "consensus statement" on behalf of all participants, including us, is classic Dephi deception and further underscores the ulterior motives behind this controlled farce of a "conference." Furthermore, the specific "consensus statement" that the organizers of this conference have discussed "Delphing" onto the participants is completely illogical and the exact opposite of what CIT has not only preached since the beginning but repeatedly and decisively proven, which is that we CANNOT rely on  "evidence" that has been sequestered and controlled by the suspect, and that INDEPENDENT, VERIFIABLE evidence is the key to unlocking the truth about what actually happened at the Pentagon.
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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article highlighting the many falsities and dishonest people purporting to be seeking 9-11 truth. (Sorry to learn Barbara Honneger is a SHILL.)

Another Delphi type organization, and one which some of this particular subject conference participators are a part of is...

Consensus 9/11: The 9/11 Best Evidence Panel

Here are this panel's members..

I remember writing to Left wing writer for VeteransToday, Stephen Lendman to protest his support of this stacked 9/11 Consensus Panel. He wrote back some non-answer to my questions. That is when I stopped reading his articles because he is not about TRUTH.

Are you beginning to get the picture folks? The whole "mainstream" part of the "9-11 truth movement" is a sickening Delphi Technique, dialectical, JOKE!

thejumblies said...

If anything illustrates the delusional nature of CIT and their juvenile paranoid nonsense it is this statement. How anyone could sustain this level of self delusion for so long and not recognise it is really difficult to explain.

Anonymous said...

"delusional nature of CIT"

Thanks for the laugh.

thejumblies said...

They are pretty amusing alright..

WHOOLI said...

I have yet to see anything that gives me the impression that they are of a delusional nature.

Michael said...

CIT is the most reliable source of any Real Evidence concerning Pentagon False Flag event.
Thank you for your excellent work!

M. Vuorinen, Europe