November 28, 2013

Thule Thanksgiving with Troublemakers 2013.11.28

Part 2 of Wild Wednesday

As the stream enters into Thanksgiving Thursday, German Markus calls into the live stream. Zapoper, Gov, and MrsSledge soon drop from the call, with Sieg and Heks remaining. Markus talks with us about a wide variety of issues regarding the plight and the fight of the German people, as well as the white race as a whole.

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Aleksa said...

I think this site is missing renegade shows a lot!Lately they are one of the best networks with great shows and i think all of their shows should be posted here!People should stop acting like litle girls and get over some stupid things from the past!

That network,i think its ANA from Rodney Martin has a lot of great shows too,it would be great if you could post some of their shows too,it would make this blog even better then it is now!!

Hopefuly my wishes will be heard and you guys will start posting these again.