November 25, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 24th, 2013

The Dennis Wise video series: "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" is a definite must see by everyone, because that part of our history is in dire need of re-evaluation.... It sickens me to see that even today we are bombarded daily by "Hitler was evil"... "Hitler was a madman".... "Hitler was a mass murderer"..."Hitler was out to conquer the world"..... etc... etc.... But where do these claims come from?  And why are we "not allowed" to debate these claims? 
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Anonymous said...

Those who try to promote the idea that Hitler was basically a nice guy do great harm to any people who are honestly trying to fully explore how the Jews use and manipulate our reality including what happened or did not happen in NAZI Germany.

Hitler was just as much of a monster and beast as was Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

These people all have one thing in common, their total disregard for the rights and dignity of human beings. Human beings are living beings with souls from the moment of conception.

Hitler and about 50 of his "doctors" systematically murdered about 250,000 people in German totally separate from the supposed "6 million" eliminated in the camps. These included children and adults born with genetic birth defects, the mentally ill, political prisoners, Gypsies, the handicapped, those too ill to work, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, Afro-Europeans, and Soviet and Polish prisoners-of-war.

The targets for extermination were objectified as "beings of lesser worth," "life unworthy of life," "ballast existences," "useless eaters."

The main methods were lethal injections for starvation. Some were used for experimentation to better the Aryan one race. They especially loved using twins and Dr. Mengela carried over the twin experiments into South America.

Granted Hitler learned all he knew about eugenics methods from USA's Margarent Sanger and like scum, nevertheless, he was able in the atheist millieu of Germany to carry out eugenics practices to the max.

Forced sterilization of the mentally ill or retarded people was done in the USA and Germany continuing up through the 1960s in both countries.

When we talk about Hitler and eugenics, we are talking about pure Satanic Evil so please can all this "Hitler was basically a nice guy" garbage.

WHOOLI said...

Jeannon, I think you have totally missed the boat on this one.

Abe Bird said...

Hitlier was a lunatic crazy murderer that killed more than 50 million people.

Anonymous said...

Jeannon --

Can you site your information? What source(s) can you list.

Or are you just parroting the Jewish narrative?

Tseeker said...

Well said Roy and Whooli;-)

wanda said...

You can't win this one Jeannon. Common sense doesn't apply, for some reason, and although they demand you prove your claims, anytime you show it, they'll tell you it's a lie. Yeah, even Eustace Mullens is a liar. Some people just need leaders to follow... or something sinister is afoot, time will tell.

And you make an excellent point about how it muddies the water of people genuinely trying to sort out the Hollow Cost fakery. I think that's where all this Hitler on Parade fanaticism does the most harm.

Anonymous said...

There is more than ample proof on the web of Hitler and his eugenics programs to build up Aryan racial purity.

The estimate I used of 250,000 is a high end estimate. The lowest estimate of eugenics murders is about 70,000. Doubt we will ever get better numbers.

I cannot understand why the "truth seekers" about Hitler want to shoot themselves in the foot on this Hitler is a nice guy stuff. I really almost looks like another manipulation of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

(This issue is why John Stadtmiller almost kicked Deanna Spingola off RBN. He said something like "I can't push that bolder up the hill" meaning he could not sell the Hitler is a nice guy meme.)

Unknown said...

To: Jeannon, Abe Bird, Wanda, et al (Hitler bashers),

It all depends on what *you believe*, not what YOU KNOW.

If you believe the negative tales about Hitler, then you can easily hate Hitler and feel superior to all those who admire him. If you don't believe these negative tales, and believe instead the advances and overall benefits to the German nation, due to Hitler and his party's policies, then you can honor Hitler and consider the "Hitler bashers" to be easily mislead by Jewish propaganda.

One source you can read is the story of Hitler's early years (up until 1922) by Walter Smoter Frank, at:

This is a fascinating read, and, although I didn't go check out all his references, it reads in such a way that the whole of the story is believable.

I am willing to accept the "Hitler bashers" condemnation, but ONLY if there is irrefutable proof, of which I have not seen and I doubt actually exists.

A favorite trick used by the Hitler bashers is to just say that there is "ample" evidence and leave it at that. So, my first statement holds - if you already believe it, then you don't need any *evidence*, but, if you don't believe it, then any evidence is suspect, especially if it has its roots from a jew or a non-jew who fears and serves jews.

The idea that Hitler was a monster goes against the other tales about Hitler that are more believable.
The jewish phrase, "the very best of the gentiles must be killed" (Tobb Shem Goyem Harog), is something you need to keep in mind when you hear horrible stories about remarkable non-jews who represent a threat to jewish supremacy. It carries the directive to not only kill the threatening party, but, to also kill their reputation, lest the whole reason for killing them is lost due to widespread sympathy for the great individual they felt that needed to be killed (as was also done to Huey Long).

Check it out, although, I doubt anyone who has already made up their mind can bring themselves to view the Hitler bashing tales as pure bunk, designed to preclude any serious exploration as to how the jews have been effectively dealt with to preclude thier harmful effects on non-jewish cultures.

You might ask yourself this question: If one of your most admired ancestors was accused of the vile and detestable acts that Hitler is accused of, what standards would you demand before believing them? Use that same standard for Hitler, because, he was beloved by a whole nation (as much as 98%), and that is just not feasible were Hitler the monster as depicted by these jewish tales.

rodin said...

Perhaps, Jeannon and Wanda, you could say which of the 7 points truthseeker made you have issues with?

Anonymous said...

eugenics wast unique to nsdap germany and when the people of germany objest to this programme - it stopped.

rodney martin went into this on one of deanna's shows

Hitler got his ideas on eugenics from the USA

it'll be here in the archives

Anonymous said...

sorry for spelling mistakes - it want supposed to load yet -

Anonymous said...

JEANNON: You were asked to site your information. So far I haven't seen you site anything. I'm sure people will read it if you can prove it.



Anonymous said...


Those links didn't prove shit.

foon1e said...

You're all kinda missing the point: Hitler was a Politician. meaning that,like all politicians, he said & did things that were equally repugnant to both sides of the Left/Right paradigm.
The only difference between himself and other political leaders of that time period was that he didn't wish to kowtow to the Jewish Banking & Commercial interests that had seized control of the world's finances back on 1913. His was a plan to regain everything Germany had ceded to those interests at the Treaty Of Versailles.
However, in order to do that, he had to make deals & plans that have never been made fully public.
The rebuilding of Germanies Armed forces;despite treaty obligations, are one salient point. To raise the capital necessary to do this relatively quickly, he used Industrialists & Bankers that a lot here would consider to be tainted with the Jewish Brush. They provided the backing to rebuild the Army,Navy & Airforce strengths far beyond what Germany possessed before WW1.
Despite attempts by some to muddy the historical waters, this feat wasn't possible by taxation of the German peoples alone. Simple mathematics and "Common Sense" can quickly prove that couldn't have been the case when some hail "The German Economic Miracle" as the only reason Germany could rearm within 6 years.
Now, some here will constantly parrot the line of "Citing the sources". Those sources are mostly opinion of the various Authors & Historians anyway. (The vast majority being of Jewish stock themselves!)
The paper-trails they quote in a lot of cases are just pure propaganda;both of those in charge of "Directing the narrative flow" at the time;and of the Jewish controlled media ever since.
How can *ANY* of you profess to know the "Absolute Truth" of anything that occurred back then,when you weren't alive to witness what went on with your own senses. Everything we "Believe" -on most topics of interest,is already filtered through the opinions & prejudices of others before us. So those who wish to condemn everything to do with Germany back then are just as Guilty as those who seek to deify Certain Political Actors of that time period.
I will admit that I *KNOW* nothing on the subject, because I wasn't There to witness it myself. & I don't trust anyone who says facts are absolute on any subject without being able to verify the evidence first hand.
Those of you who Choose to believe one set of facts over another do so because they fit in with your personal belief systems,not because they are absolute facts. & Just because you *want* to believe in one set of facts over another,doesn't make those Facts any more truthful that the Jews insisting that 6 million Died in Camps during WW2.
The one fact we can ALL accept is that JEWS LIE. Period. Everything else is supposition & propaganda.
We need to stop arguing about what did, or didn't happen in the past. It Is fixed. It is an irrelevance and distraction from what we need to do:Focus on the even more firmly entrenched Jewish criminal Influences on our societies in the NOW.
The future of ourselves & our families depends on what we do NOW to make that future a better one for them. Looking back with rose tinted specs at past failures will not help us get to that future. Indeed it is an anchor that the Jews & their helpers willingly help us put around our own necks in the "Truther Movements". All the better to weigh us down with unpalatable stigmas,which only serve to keep us distracted & divided.

Anonymous said...

"The one fact we can ALL accept is that JEWS LIE. Period. Everything else is supposition & propaganda.
We need to stop arguing about what did, or didn't happen in the past. It Is fixed. It is an irrelevance and distraction from what we need to do:Focus on the even more firmly entrenched Jewish criminal Influences on our societies in the NOW.
The future of ourselves & our families depends on what we do NOW to make that future a better one for them. Looking back with rose tinted specs at past failures will not help us get to that future. Indeed it is an anchor that the Jews & their helpers willingly help us put around our own necks in the "Truther Movements". All the better to weigh us down with unpalatable stigmas,which only serve to keep us distracted & divided."

Yes, Jews lie, and so do about 99 percent of the rest of us. People are "not perfect" and "have their weakneses" just like Hitler.

We have to seek the truth,the past, present and future truth, no matter how much "they" try to distort the truth. This problem for humanity is not limited to Jews and has been extant since man on earth began.

If we have to stop focusing on or searching for historical past truth, why should we believe any diagnosis from anyone of what our true present condition is. The basic future for ourselves and our children concerns nothing on this rotten corrupt earth, the City of Man. The primacy of the resting place of eternal souls is all that matters in this life for any of us. We each determine that by our every daily thought, word and deed.

When we pick and choose which "truths" we want to talk about, when we deliberately leave out information that is not consistent with our beliefs, we are not seeking the truth. We are lying.

I find some of the 7 points quite believable with much substantiation in the historical record. But I find some of the points a bit of the strawman fallacy.

I personally do not claim Hitler was a "madman" , was "mad." Hitler was probably just a psychotic or at the very least as sociopath, and both of those conditions are simply personality disorders, not psychoses. Neither do I "condemn everything to do with Germany back then" nor do I "seek to deify Certain Political Actors of that time period."

However, Hitler's personality deficiencies were more than simply human weaknesses. Psychopaths and sociopaths totally lack a conscience. That makes them evil. To me, many truly psychotic individuals with severe mental illnesses are not evil, they just have lost complete contact with reality. However, I also believe that much severe mental illness is Satanic possession. Unfortunately a large preponderance of psychiatrists are atheist Jews who have no concept of Truth, no love of the Truth, and certainly vehemently reject the One Who said He IS Truth.

(By the way, the burden of proof is not on me, it is on Truthseeker who set out 7 premises with no citations whatsoever. I am not in to debates and rules for debates, but just sayin. Type into any search engine Hitler's eugenics programs. See how many hits you get. But according to foon1e, all of these hits and data should be ignored just as any hits one may come upon when searching out some of the ideas set out in TruthSeekers 7 points.

2 Thessalonians 2:11

That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.

Some translations say God sends someone who does not love the truth a "strong delusion" and that delusion is itself a "judgement."

Our whole world is lying in total lies and total deception.

Some think we can just forget about finding the Truth and just "wake up" and save this world.

I do not hold to that belief.

Anonymous said...



Hitler was probably just a psychotic


Hitler was probably just a psychoPATH

Deanna said...

Jeannon said "This issue is why John Stadtmiller almost kicked Deanna Spingola off RBN. He said something like "I can't push that bolder up the hill" meaning he could not sell the Hitler is a nice guy meme. Stadtmiller publicly apologized for his remark about me.

WV Foundations said...

These comments demonstrate just how programed and low information the posters are.

foon1e said...

Yup! Including that last one :P

Unknown said...

Why do I pay attention to Hitler and the 3rd reich? Because during that period of time, under Hitler's leadership, the threat to his nation posed by Jewish supremacy met with absolute defeat. That is probably the very best example of how a nation can free itself of jewish machinations which render the native population as serfs and laborers so jews can live in luxury and have a horde of poverty stricken commoners to serve them.

It wasn't necessary to "kill all the jews", as there were still several synagogs still functioning in Berlin when it fell, and exclusively jewish hospitals were also extant. It just meant that positions of influence were denied to jews, or anyone who was not native to the German peoples.

There is much more to life than dwelling on the after-life - we must pay proper attention to our living standards, the way we treat each other, and guard against aliens who have NO love for us and no qualms about any ills that beset us and often bring about harmful conditions upon us with no remorse.

After all, if we allow supremacists' influence in our midst, who consider us akin to cattle, how on earth can we expect to be treated the way we would like all of us to treat each other. If you cannot see the menace of international jewism, to all races, but most especially to the white nations, then nothing about Hitler nor the 3rd Reich will mean anything to you.

But if you finally realize that this assault upon Americans, and Europeans in general, is part of the time-worn ploy of jews to infect nations and bleed them dry, then you can see the importance of studying how other nations have dealt with this very same threat.
Studying Hitler and the 3rd Reich is very instructive, and, to those who want to disregard that study, either because of an abhorrence due to believing (blindly) all the phony balony tales about how bad Hitler was, or, because they don't want to engage the subject since it is so problematic what with all the emotional baggage that comes with it, then you will have lost the chance to learn very good lessons as to how to defend against the jewish take-over of our culture.

If anyone has any negative opinion of Hitler and how he dealt with the jewish threat to his nation, consider just how well indoctrinated you have become from the jewish shotgun approach to defame Hitler and his followers (a whole nation of 80 million Germans) for how successful the 3rd Reich was in defending itself from the destructive effects of jewish supremacy.

One thing that comes from looking into the matter is an appreciation of just how deep and dark this international jewish supremacism runs, and to what extent they will go to combat any serious attempt to thwart their attempt to take over the whole world, after completely prevailing over the white world (formerly).

Their resources are impressive, as, for example, they got americans to sign up to go fight germans, TWICE within two generations, for no good reason other than the monstrous tales these jews spun in their newspapers, magazines, radio, and movies. Students of mass psychology ought to be interested in how that feat was accomplished, since around 40% of americans have one or more near ancestors from germany.

All you Hitler bashers need to pull your head out and realize you are playing right into the hands of your "handlers" when you give one iota of credence to the ridiculous jewish tales of horror about Hitler.

Look at the newsreels of the time and the hordes of common folks, men, women, and children, all flocking to get a glimpse of Hitler and swooning to maybe get a brief handshake from him. This was not mass hypnotism, but mass adoration for the man who almost single-handedly purged their nation from the depths of jewish tyranny. Disregard all the jewish crap and try to see it without those manure-coated glasses given out by your jewish media bosses.

RJ said...

Thanks Jlynn. That was very well said.

Anonymous said...

"All you Hitler bashers need to pull your head out and realize you are playing right into the hands of your "handlers" when you give one iota of credence to the ridiculous jewish tales of horror about Hitler."

Another straw man fallacy. When one tries to convey truth about Hitler, be it positive or negative truth, that does not make one a "Hitler basher."

I think comments not emanating from faith and reason based on the best facts and truth we can have at the time, rather on various name calling and other fallacies of logic, plays "right into the hands of your "handlers," e.g. "ridiculous jewish tales of horror about Hitler."

Unknown said...

WV Foundations said...

These comments demonstrate just how programed and low information the posters are.

I could not have said it better. Certainly those who bash Hitler are either willing, or unwilling, pawns of the jews. That's just plain pathetic. They just can't give up their "beliefs" about Hitler -- outright lies that jews have pounded in their heads all of their lives. I read a great article a couple weeks ago written by John Kaminski called the "Hitler Test" that rightly chastises these types. Apparently, these Hitler bashing rubes here, won't get it, but thanks anyway -- for exposing yourselves.


Unknown said...

@Jlynn Littleberry

Said better!

foon1e said...

@John dicarlo, @WV Foundations: You are both typical of those who "Believe" in the Myth of any past figure ever solving the JEW Problem. It's a myth because *NOTHING* in recorded history has ever "Solved" it!
Show me tangible evidence that countless demagogues,kings,Politicians & other nominal "Men Of Power" ever figured out how to rid the planet of this scourge? Because i see no evidence today that anything that was ever tried mattered one jot. The Jews overcame their opposition time & time again - despite the best efforts of Past Historical figures & their ideas.
They always crawled back from whatever rock they scuttled under for protection. They Infest every national Government,Corporation & legal system around the world.
Hitler? He *FAILED*. Either deliberately or through Incompetence, that man tried & Failed because the Jew turned the rest of the world against him & his political ideals. The mere mention of his name turns off the vast majority of the public-those very people whom we should be cultivating the support of. Nothing associated with him will ever resonate with anyone "Normal". They are too firmly brainwashed by successive generations of Jew-Controlled Society. & thus anyone trying to push the ideas anywhere apart from a site like mami's (where we accept any idea-however outlandish , mostly) is always going to be relegated to the status of "Wrong" by that same general public.
All you fantasists who try to steer the debate towards anyone needing to follow his ideas are either self-brainwashed patsies in love with Germanic stuff & Fashionable uniforms. Or you're deliberate dis-info agents tasked with keeping such memes about Hitler to the forefront of Public conciousness. All the better to hang anyone worthy in their goal of attempting to address the *present* Jewish Problems facing us all today.
You hang yourself if you continue to push "Hitler" as the Answer-plain & simple.
If you wish to promote anyone,find someone LIVING who we can all get behind, support & further the aims of.
History is supposed to teach you all "Lessons" - but History has been filtered through the lens of the Jew & their Education processes for the last century. Nothing you read or accept as "Truth" can be completely trusted.
So my contention is that we throw away any baggage holding us all back from beating the JEW in every arena of society, & make our own plans & actions for a Jew free society Instead:Untainted by the failed concepts & actions of the past.
Understand where successive people went wrong-learn from their mistakes, & never repeat them again.
That's the only way to defeat the Jew.

The only "programmed" people here are those who push Hitler as "The Only Way". He never was.

Unknown said...

Davy Crockett and 180 brave soldiers lost and died at the Alamo - let the fall of the 3rd Reich be the "Alamo" for the European race - we honor Crockett and the others for being willing to fight the good fight to the death, so, in like fashion, we can honor these Germans, and their fellow European volunteers, who fought to the death against jewish tyranny. Because of their bravery, a jewish takeover of all of Europe (via Stalin, the butcher) was thwarted. Let the war for the European race not be over - not yet!

If you want to worry about ingrown toenails when your patient is having a heart attack, then you are very small minded and short sighted. A thousand jewish tales about suffering from some calamity at the hands of Hitler's soldiers, doctors, administrators, etc., amounts to less than a hill of beans. The future of Europeans is at stake. Do you want future generations of beautiful white folks living as servants, slaves, and playthings for filthy, stinky, ugly, hateful, jews? With no chance to free themselves and regain their independence? Quit worrying about the small stuff and focus on the main threat to the white race - jewish influence within our nations, especially the good ole' USA.

No need to bring up Hitler until the jews do (always in a negative light), and then, drown their nonsense out with the better version of Hitler as a magnificent warrior for the European race, with the 3rd Reich of Germany taking the front-line position, against overwhelming odds.

I'm finished worrying with Hitler-bashers - if Texans had bashed Crockett for losing at the Alamo, or any personal failings, where would Texas be now? "Se habla espanol, gringo?

Unknown said...

I already had swallowed the endless lies and utterly fantastic disinfo disseminated about Hitler by the always lying jews who's lies you still take to heart. I came to understand that AH was a great man to be admired. A truly great leader who cared about his people. He had two choices - submit to world jewry, or not. The fact that he was unsuccessful against overwhelming odds is no reason to diminish his efforts.

I no longer buy the jew lies. I'm awakened. Let all the cowards (the ignorant public) run away from the truth. I don't align myself with dispicable cowards who kowtow to the jews and their unending bullshit.

So fool le, I certainly can lament the fact that at one time I was where you are, fooled by the jews -- but no longer, like you, with my head up my ass. (I hope that's your only motive for bashing Hitler)

foon1e said...

The only person checking the condition of their lower Colon around here is you John.
You accuse me of ""Bashing Hitler"? Nope.
Not what i suggested.
I was saying that those of you who insist on Using "Hitler" as the answer to how we solve the Jewish Problem *ARE* the Problem. You are doing the Jews work for them every-time you push the notion that Hitler & his goon squad did *anything* except provide the pretext for the Jews being able to steal Palestine at the end of WW2. & Consequently much of the worlds Political & Industrial power ever since.
The Economic ideas that Hitler's regime introduced to get rid of Jewish Central Banking are the only thing worth concentrating on;with a view to implementing something similar to break the Jewish Stranglehold on Banking today. However, trying to use Hitler as a "Personality" to aspire to? After 70 odd years of Jewish Educational programming of the worlds population against such a notion? That is doomed to failure.
It only serves to marginalise anyone genuinely seeking to fight against the Jews by reducing them to the status of "Nazi-Conspiracist-Nutcase": A status the Jews & their enablers love to hang around our necks like an albatross.
It is unfortunate that there are those within the "Truther" movements who wish to poison the well of public opinion directly against us. Are you trying to remain deliberately enneffectual by propagating the Hitler meme? because you're succeeding. & you're dragging down those around you who wish to genuinely fight back against Jewish Control.
*This* is why i am constantly trying to wake up everyone to the notion that looking back to History for answers - especially about the Jews - is a distraction. It solves nothing,except lead certain individuals down Ideological cul-de-sacs. Dead Ends that by their very nature cannot succeed against those we oppose. Mostly because those Ideologies were tried & failed to solve those problems before.
A new paradign is needed to counter the retheroric of the current proponants of the Jew World Order. New figureheads to rally around & support. Ones not tainted by the "Core Cirriculums" instigated by Socialist Jews in the West since their introduction in the 1970's.
If you truely can't see that's the only way forward against the Jews, then you are Lost in an ideological fog of your own making. Remain in a minority & go nowhere. Or cultivate the majority to motivate them into action *without* resorting to stuff you'll never get them to accept.
This isn't a Jew Lie. This is the only realistic way forward for anyone who genuinely wants to make a difference in the fight against Jewish Control.
Clear enough for you John? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

"The Economic ideas that Hitler's regime introduced to get rid of Jewish Central Banking are the only thing worth concentrating on;with a view to implementing something similar to break the Jewish Stranglehold on Banking today. However, trying to use Hitler as a "Personality" to aspire to? After 70 odd years of Jewish Educational programming of the worlds population against such a notion? That is doomed to failure.
It only serves to marginalise anyone genuinely seeking to fight against the Jews by reducing them to the status of "Nazi-Conspiracist-Nutcase": A status the Jews & their enablers love to hang around our necks like an albatross."

I have come to this same conclusion (no matter how great AH may have been).

Furthermore and on a separate topic my heart sank when the no planers showed up. I knew this was the end of 9-11 conspiracy theories.

We have to pick our battles I guess but I won't put much effort in either of these topics. There is so much evidence for jewish dominance and subversion today that we don't need the past and perceived looney theories to make our case.

Unknown said...

The truth about Hitler, just as the truth of the holohoax are just two of the truths, among many, that must be disseminated to the unawakened. The fact that some dolts may find these truths too hard to accept is no reason not to tell them. If they're that stupid and close-minded, then let them die at the hands the jews. I have no time for them. No great loss!

It's not that myself, or others, 'concentrate' on Hitler. I don't. But some people cringe at supporting him, and rather bash him simply because they're afraid some unawakened idiot may not accept the truth because of his lifelong brainwashing about Hitler. Sorry, but the truth is superior to falsehoods in all matters, and certainly correcting jew lies about the inspiring life of Adolph Hitler, the only man in modern history to lead millions of people against the jew fiends, is TRUTH.

Unknown said...

Also, the idea that somehow the no plane theory, a diversion in my view, is on the same plain with speaking the truth about the life of the much maligned Adolph Hitler, IS ABSURD.

foon1e said...

John. You made the comment about "Heads up asses", so i replied in kind. But with reasoned arguement & purpose.
I agree that the whole "No Planer" thing is indeed a Psy-op and distraction. However, the points i made in my reply to you still stand.
You will *NEVER* get the great unwashed out there to accept Hitler as anything but an evil caricature of a historical figure. Too much programming has passed under the bridge since the 2nd world war for that to ever happen. Therefore trying to hold him up as some paragon of virtue to a modern day audience will only alienate potential allies in the fight against Jewish manipulation and control TODAY. We have to cultivate opinion by illustrating everything the Jew does to harm us in the present. Anything else is also just a distraction-& just leads gullible people down a blind alley with no exit.
Leave Hitler to the Historians-he's their baby to play around with now. 21st century Mankind need to formulate untried tactics & methods of persuasion to get more people to recognise the mess we're in. And to Fight back in any way they can that might have a chance of making a difference.
This doesn't mean I don't recognise Hitler for what he attempted to do. But i refuse , like some around here, to deify him either.

Unknown said...

I don't care about not reaching close minded Whites who are too stupid to understand and refuse to to investigate the fact they've been lied to about Hitler. Also, if you find a line of logic these nitwits understand, let me know.

I understand your point, but my comments were a reaction to those who post here, and claim they are proWhite but parrot the jews demonizing of Hitler.

"Hitler was just as much of a monster and beast as was Lenin, Stalin, and Mao."

along with the rest of the outrageous jew lies about Hitler disseminated by this person.

foon1e said...

That's where you and I fundamentally differ then.
I *do* care about reaching Closed minded whites-and anyone else who potentially could help us in the fight against Jewish Supremacy and Zionism. Everything we say & post here at Mami's is all ammunition for both the awake and the still uncertain to ponder. We don't hitch our wagon to one specific way to fight the Jew. & we encourage everyone to investigate for themselves what "Truth" can be gleaned from the myriad sources,facts & even Disinfo out there.
We understand that there are "Die-Hard" Hitler sympathisers who will never be willing to accept that he was merely a Politician of his day. Or that he was misled & directed in certain ways by his advisors & supporters of the time: Leading to his countries defeat at the hands of the Jewish controlled "Allied Forces".
This has all been filtered through the biased lens of many Jewish Historians, who have worked diligently to "Bend" Historical facts to suit their agenda ever since. And that's why Jeannon & others can't help but see Hitler in the same Historical context as the other political leaders of the time.
There's nothing "Outrageous" about pointing out atrocities committed under one historical philosophy or another;as Jeannon did in his initial posting. He is just quoting from sources as biased in their way as yours are. If you have incontrovertible proof that none of those events happened as the historians say,then please provide it. Merely saying it's outrageous does nothing to prove whatever point you're attempting to make here.
To *my* mind, ALL politicians of any age over the last 4 millennia or so are monsters. Dedicated to the pursuit of power for it's own sake-at the expense of those who don't exhibit such psychopathies. Anyone who seeks power should be automatically excluded from holding any public office. Because it leads us all directly to the situation we have today. Too many self-serving political animals all eating from the trough of Public largesse. Determined to hold onto power by fair means or foul. And encouraged by The machinations of the Jew to behave in precisely this way.
It suits their purpose to encourage public figures to behave like the Jews;even if they will never be actually accepted into their pantheon of "Gods Chosen people".
As for a line of logic to open the eyes of the nitwits? Basically, we can appeal to their sense of outrage once they are made fully aware of exactly how "Farmed" they are. Point out the "Kosher Tax" to them. or how Jewish Influence steers national politicians into supporting the existance of that terrorist State Israel with *their* tax monies. Keep Pointing out the Lie of the "Hollocaust".Show where it was a manufactured myth designed to push "Guilt" into the psyches of nations-essentially to mitigate the outrage when the Jews demanded the pallistinian lands for themselves at the end of WW2. There's many ways we can reach the unaware & unwilling if we continue to work at it,and never give up trying. We don't have to try to convince them that Hitler was anything except the leader of his nation at a spesific point in History. It is the past, & what happenned can never be changed. Recognise that you push away potential allies in the fight against the jew whenever you try to support him publically today. It is political Poison to do so.
& to continue to behave in this fashion just makes some people suspicious that anyone continuing to push Hitler as relevant in the fight TODAY against the jew is potentially working to subvert all our efforts. Because you KNOW "Closed minded whites & others will never accept what you are selling. Yet you persist in doing so-knowing it only harms our cause. We need to win for our cause.Not be held back by contentious anchors of the past.
Please, show me where i am wrong in *my* reasoning.

Unknown said...

Like I said, when you figure a way to get through to these oafs, let me know. It's one thing to strongly desire to get through to them, and it's quite another to get through to them. Certainly you can encourage people to investigate for themselves, but when they're not listening to anything you say, refuse to take any time that exceeds 30 seconds, or can't tear themselves away from their "busy" lives watching dancing with the stars, it doesn't matter what way you choose to approach the truth. They must first want to know, and if they don't want to know which is overwhelmingly always the case, then there is NO WAY to get through.

HItler was no mere politician. He was a dynamic leader who cared profoundly about his people and his country. Qualities I can't attribute to any other leader in my memory. Hitler had no choice other than to march into Poland to protect the ethnic Germans who were being murdered by the thousands by the jew communists there. Wouldn't we expect any leader of any country at the very least to defend his people against butchers? It's of profound disappointment he was not able to emerge victorious in the jew contrived and instigated war, but Hitler did all he could with what he had. He should not be belittled for his efforts, certainly not by those who have soaked up jew lies about him.

It is outrageous to listen to a basically jew narration by posters here of the atrocities allegedly committed by the Reich. It's a holyhoax blamed on Hitler by other means! Such BULLSHIT expressed by White people is beyond the pale!!! This is just more absurd nonsense put out by jews in their tens of thousands of outlandish tales, and soaked up by people who for one reason or another, can see some lies, but fall for others.

Certainly, discussing Hitler as a great leader, if the conversation warrants it, is no more distasteful than telling them the holocaust never happened. But this is not the problem that emerged early in this thread. No one was, or is, advocating starting off a conversation with unawakened Whites, about Hitler, the last great hope for Whites, or the socalled holocaust. What is being pointed out is that people here who are supposedly awakened and knowledgeable, sit here and repeat outrageous jew lies about Hitler.

foon1e said...

It's obvious to me that you will never be persuaded of the folly of your stated position. Some people have drunk too much of the Hitler Flavoured Kool-Aid to ever be fully integrated into the real fight against the Jew.

Hitler doesn't matter to Modern Humanity - except as a footnote in History, and a totem being held up as a "Great Leader" by those who wish to keep attaching his symbolism to a "White Nationalist" agenda.
A symbolism that is designed- probably by Jews - to keep White nationalism as a concept firmly in a Pariah status. Untenable, Unelectable & certainly condemned to Fringe Nutter status by anyone even glancing in your direction-however briefly.
Is your continued support for this Character due to your own desire to remain part of an exclusive club most others are repulsed by? Are you actively working to put potential supporters of the fight against Jewish Oppression off? Because that's exactly the end result pushing Hitler to the forefront of your own version of "White nationalism" has had.

White Nationalism doesn't need failed politicians from the past to be used as examples to aspire to. His way was tried, & like so many other attempts to do something about the Jewish problem, it failed.
What kind of a motivating example is that to put before potential allies in the fight against the Jew?

"Hmm...Oh yeah, there was this guy,right? He was a Great leader of his people,ok? He united his people economically & militarily. Then he started entering other countries to "Protect" citizens from *his* country from those indigenous to that other country? Oh yeah, & he succeeded in uniting most of the developed world against him:Ultimately losing the war that ensued and condemning his now ruined Nation to endless Occupation by his enemies."

That's a success story anyone with an IQ of 80 or less can get behind.

Don't think i'll bother continuing this dialogue. because people with a fixed "Belief system" are generally a waste of time and effort to engage. Neither side of the arguement will ever change. & i,for one, wish to remain firmly on the side of being able to attract fresh ideas & potential allies. Not scare them away like your methodology does. Good luck with your Fringe Movement.

Unknown said...

On and on with your strawman... as though your denial of the holyhoax to unawakened idiots will hold their attention telling the truth about Hitler, won't. You're going to pursuade me to the jew fairy tales about Hitler you hold? Been there, done that --before I woke up. People who find the truth can't go back.

You're the one with a flawed belief system. Apparently you're not impressed by the truth, the truth that Adolph Hitler was the greatest White leader in History, so you feel repeated lies about Hitler will get you over. (rollseyes!) You're the one who is stuck in the lies about Hitler. Hitler didn't unite the world against him. The jews did. They were already in control of the Allied countries' governments and actively instigated WW2.

Yes, we should agree to disagree.