November 24, 2013

The Story the Times Missed

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Anonymous said...

Rethink 911 program is a government operation. It grew out of the major psyop misinformtion / disinformation campaigns, going under various group names over the years, of Dr. Steven Jones and Mr. Richard Gage. From About 2005, when Dr. Jones launched his scam operation, until about 2010, after Gage had joined up with his part of the scam in about early 2007, they kept everyone focused exclusively on thermite, nanothermite, red grey chips, peer reviewed scientific studies yadda yadda, and made sure no one talked about planes at all and also religiously steered all their groupies away from subject of Building 7. That scam gang did everything they could to hold on to planes and therefore hijackers and therefore the official government story, that is, until their whole scam story just would not hold up anymore.

Dr. Morgan Reynolds has done the most to expose these Jones/Gage characters and has a story on his site,, about the failed nanothermite hypothesis as well as numerous articles about no planes.
Unfortunately Dr. Reyolds who is a staunch supporter of Dr. Judy Wood have both strongly allied themself with psychopathic government agent, Pete Santilli, and they have done everything they can to widen the swath of Santilli's set-up ambush interview games to discredit anyone who does not bow at the Dr. Judy Wood altar.

It amazes me how "don't know, don't care" the average New Yorker on the street is about 9-11.

Unknown said...

"The Story The Times Missed"

Was later bought by News Corporation in 2007, which itself is controlled by Rupert Murdoch and his family through a similar dual-class structure.

Come on Rupert; do the right thing, and at the same time you can explain why WTC7 was completely excluded from the 9/11 Commission Report.

Anonymous said...

WTC had to be kept totally out of the Commission Report and indeed out of the controlled nascent "9-11 truth movement" because it oh so clearly and too clearly points to a demolition accomplished and controlled by man (true generic definition of "controlled demolition") and not by fundamentalist Islamic hijackers.

Even this Rethink 9-11 program is to continue the prestidigitation, that is, focusing all us dummies to "controlled demolition" using "explosives" and family members of victims tearfully calling for a "new investigation." Remember the people behind "Rethink 9-11" latest iteration of Jones/Gage scam just want to keep 9-11 truth totally off track and in useless circular activities. Not now, not ever about 9-11 TRUTH. (Misdirection, and run out the clock is their same old tired old game.)

I like 2009 this "Rediculous Version II" memo by Dr. Morgan Reynolds to Dr. James Fetzer as it demonstrates how the entire "9-11 investigation and post-event cover-up and "truth seeker" strategies were planned and controlled by the plotters from the get-go.

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009
From: "Morgan Reynolds"
To: ""

I am widely accused of discrediting the 9/11 truth movement but it is Gage/Jones/and the rest of their gang that does so. There is no substantive case for thermite or its variants playing a significant role in turning the WTC (mostly) to fine dust. Theirs is a distraction, a limited hangout, a fall back story for the perps who, once the 9/11 official version I fairy tale lies in ruins, trot out version II: muslim terrorists used internally-placed explosives to bring down the WTC—ridiculous version II.