November 24, 2013

Voice of Albion 2013.11.24

John Tyndall PT5

John Tyndall addressing an NF by-election meeting in Ladywood, Birmingham, August 1977 – with Keith Jowsey, Election Agent (left) and Anthony Reed-Herbert, Parliamentary Candidate (centre).

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 7 – The Left
∙ “If there is one phrase that sums up the goal of communism – as opposed to the mere accoutrements – it is people control: the domination of populations by self-appointed elites owing no loyalty to any recognisable national group but dedicated to the achievement of a World Order, eventually to be presided over by a World Government“. John Tyndall – The Eleventh Hour
“We will not be successful in the fight against the hard left unless we extend that fight to a war against Liberalism in all its manifestations and all its products -  for both are part and parcel of the same forces that today combine in malignant alliance to destroy us”. John Tyndall – The Eleventh Hour
The coming of Tony Blaire and ‘New Labour’ does not portend any diminution of the Party’s commitment to buggery. One of the most prominent events attending Labour’s first party conference following its election victory of 1997 was a big ‘gay’ junket in Brighton to which the new Prime Minister  gladly gave his blessing. John Tyndall – The Eleventh Hour
∙The far Left continually love and make excuses for terrorists who attack British and other white peoples.

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The Eleventh Hour
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