December 17, 2013

China lands on the Moon


Unknown said...

So funny! Deceptions always cut the footage and provide manipulated clips of an event, never the full footage. Similar to never showing the supposed plane that hit the Pentagon or never showing an astronaut walking on the Moon with the Earth over his shoulder.

Boats need external water to push against to move forward and steer.

Cars need external terra firma to push against to move forward and steer.

Airplanes and rockets need external atmosphere to push against to move forward and steer.

But magical NASA rockets dont need any external matter to move forward and steer in the vacuum of space.

Newton's Laws of Motion all require an EXTERNAL force to create movement (equal and opposite reactions). According to NASA physics I can grab my belt and pull myself upwards without having to push against anything external to me! LMAO!

wanda said...

rodin said...

Ken, this

magical NASA rockets dont need any external matter to move forward and steer in the vacuum of space.

is wrong. Rockets in space are sent on ballistic trajectories.

Just sayin, I am no stranger to hoaxes

rodin said...

First the bad news

Chinese land on Moon

Now the good news

All of them

Unknown said...


You are wrong.

- NASA says their magical rockets can move and steer in the vacuum of space.

- The laughable Apollo Lander somehow blasted off from the Moon, when the Moon has .00000000000001% of Earth's atmosphere. Would take a MIGHTY BIG rocket to work in that type of atmosphere.

Magical NASA is one of the most laughable and corrupt organizations on this planet. PRIDE sure has an amazing way of making people stupid.

Unknown said...


Anyone who watches this 30 second clip and thinks the Moon Landing was real is a laughable FOOL.

The 7 Deadly sins are used by Satan's Chosen people (JEWRY) to control the World.

PRIDE is the sin used by NASA to fool the dupes of the World. I am sure GREED plays a part for the idiots who work for NASA and take large paychecks.

* No I am not a Catholic but ancient Catholicism (not the modern Jew version) sure identified the sins that are used against people to control them.

rodin said...

Ken the steering they claim is purely for orientation not trajectory....

Common mistake, that rockets don't work in a vacuum because they don't have anything to push against.

Rockets work by Newton's laws of action-reaction, and the conservation of momentum. If you throw anything out the back of a vehicle, those laws say that the vehicle must move forward, acquiring a speed that you can calculate from the conservation of momentum. A rocket works by "throwing" out the back a jet of gas (the combustion products) at very high velocity.

A thruster is just a small rocket pointed sideways.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best documentaries I've seen that exposes some of the fraud/trickery associated with the alleged Apollo 11 Moon landing.
It is a lengthy documentary,over 3 hours, but worth the watch for those interested or sceptical of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

wanda said...

Haha... watching the video about What Happened on the Moon... Ass-tro-NOT Jack Schmidt? How does that not translate to Jack Shit?

Can we evolve already?

Unknown said...


Thanks for copying NASA provided bullshit from lemmings and shills. As if I have not read that crap before.

Newton's Laws do not work in a vacuum for you need a reaction from both an internal and EXTERNAL force. Throwing gas out the back of a rocket, at VERY HIGH VELOCITY, whereby gas does not exist in a vacuum is laughable nor does the thrust at very high velocity have anything to push against in a vacuum. You fail to use reason/logic and instead use repetition/memorization.

Lets put Rodin in a vacuum and he can slam his tongue against the roof of his mouth (very fast) while breathing hard and expelling his gasses to move around. LMAO!

Why not tell us what YAHOO and the idiots on there say about the laughable 9/11 Lies or Holocaust lies or Moon Walk Lies or magical fish turning into dinosaurs/birds/humans Lie etc... You might as well turn on the Idiot Box and watch the History or Science channels Rodin. LMAO!

Your ability to copy and paste bullshit should be applauded.


Evolve? LMAO! What does your Evolution Religion say humans or any other species are going to magically evolve into? Your pseudo-Science religion does not say anything because it FAILS the very basics of the Scientific Method that requires any true SCIENTIFIC theory to be both repeatable and have the ability to make accurate future predictions based on being repeatable.

Macro Evolution (magical species change) is a Marxist Religion for Dummies that fails the very basics of the Aryan Scientific Method. Never in all of human history or experience has 1 species magically changed into another species. Your religion uses TIME to create magic, just like Theocracies use DEATH to create magical angels and Gods. Both types of Religions require you to die before their magic can happen.

If you think turning the people of Caucasian Nations into Brown Mongrels through race-mixing is some type of evolution then you fail to understand what Genocide and De-Evolution is.

wanda said...

Ken Horst....

While i am glad you had a good laugh, lighten up and put away your sword.

A revolution is a 360. Evolution is doing something we've not done before. When i say evolve, i mean it as opposed to revolve, as in revolution... because a revolution is what we always do. We always come back to where we started.

I am not speaking Darwinian. I suggest doing something we've not done before and that is, precisely, sh*t canning both politics and religion.

I am one of the least religious persons you could possibly come across... and i endeavor to separate genuine evidence based science from the psuedo... thank you. I am neither superstitious nor hero worshiping.

:)... you got me wrong.

wanda said...

Leonard Anthony...

Thanks for the video link. It is long but great to have on in the background while doing other things. Excellent historic data. Completely knocks the Hitler is a great guy boat right out of the water.

rodin said...

Horst says

"Newton's Laws do not work in a vacuum"

Where is the ignore function?