December 17, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.12.17

Guest: Dennis Wise, the producer of The Greatest Story Never Told.

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Tseeker said...

wow anyone would think there's some sort of the electronic harassment going on��

Unknown said...


NO! Spingola seeks legitimization by claiming electronic harassment. She is a LIAR and DECEIVING people by doing this crap. Clay Douglas does this bullshit every 10 minutes on his silly show.

This whole "movement", probably 99%, is controlled by many sides pretending to fight with each other so that those of us who are aware will take a side and act like loyal sycophants to these spokesholes. No different than the fools who worship the Dem vs Rep crap that is played on them.

Mami's "Shit" (probably a Jew fascination with shit and shills) has all these idiots on. Birds of a feather flock together.

If Communists did the Reichstag Fire, then why was the GERMAN Constitution destroyed and their civil liberties limited? For the same reason the 9/11 Demolition was used to destroy our US Constitution and limit our civil liberties even though they blamed the Arabs.

The Jew has had leaders on both sides for every single "War" I can remember yet these spokesholes claim WWII was the only war that Jews did not control both sides for a 3rd agenda.

Too many questions arise with Hitler to make me fall for some romantic soap opera crap as spread by these people.

This British guy did not even seem to know about HIS own movie (USS Indiana), it was as if he had to look up the answer. They also claim to question the Official Mass Media yet fall for WWII Jew created Atomic Bomb crap, Moon Walk crap, shape-shifting Fish Evolution etc.. The British guy even says he believes the Official Stories about Hitler's death?!?.... On and on they tell people not to believe the Mass Media/Official Stories yet they still push Official Mass Media lies.

Tseeker said...

well you're entitled to your opinion but i don't buy it for 1 second.

foon1e said...

"Mami's "Shit" (probably a Jew fascination with shit and shills) has all these idiots on. Birds of a feather flock together."

Morning ken. With that statement in your verbose posting, you come close to outing yourself as a potential dis-information shill .
I do hope that isn't the case.

To clarify things for you concerning our title & posting policy:

Our BlogTitle "Mami's Shit", was a reaction to the Posting policy of another site mami is a member of:Namely Cybersage.

He felt that it would be a service to those of us who genuinely seek the truth about what's really going on in the world today if he put all his "Shit" in one place on the net.
So he created mami's shit with the help of some other members of Cybersage to do just that.

As Admins,we find to news,articles & pod-casts around the web. Then put them here so others can find fresh stuff daily. Without having to pay subscriptions or wade through advertising to do so.

As Tseeker said, you are entitled to your own opinion about the merits,or lack of them contained within the articles & links. But mami's Shit maintains a strictly impartial policy - we all have our own takes on what we consider to be news here. & we encourage people to research for themselves everything they can - without preaching one party line or another.

So, the title is nothing to do with the Jewish Fascination with shit. It's just another way of saying "stuff" whilst providing a memorable identity online. I hope you can understand this distinction without resorting to Shill-like behaviour again.

Unknown said...


Oh yea, I am the shill who is protecting the shills and liars that I reveal through their hypocrisy? LMAO!

Maybe you could provide examples of the lies or shills that I spread and protect? For I am certainly providing examples to you and your audience of the shills and their lies that can be found on these audios.

Through revealing the lies, deceptions and hypocrisy that are spread on these shows, I am revealing the TRUTH.

Ps. Since you explained why you have SHIT in your title (even though that would certainly repulse most educated people of society from taking you seriously) maybe you could let me know what your definition of "MAMI" is?

foon1e said...

It was simple "Ken". You put disparaging remarks about the Blog title in your previous post which "nudge nudge" inferred that our blog Title was in some way "Jewish".
Spreading disinformation like that is the action of the typical shill working on behalf of the jew we come across daily around here.

"Through revealing the lies, deceptions and hypocrisy that are spread on these shows, I am revealing the TRUTH." ?
Actually, all you're doing through your rubbishing of other peoples reputations & output is revealing your own ignorance. You make statements which amount to nothing except personal opinion-without any real facts to back up your statements.

You seem to be under the misapprehension that we're some sort of "Authority Site" to be taken seriously? We are merely a blog. A way for Mami to aggregate information he - & the rest of us admins find interesting - in one place. It makes it easy for others to find it here,rather than search over the Net themselves. & it promotes a feeling of community amongst those who visit & chat here regularly.. & That's it really.
As Zapoper is so fond of saying, "We don't give a shit" what you think of us. Because it's not about us. It's about the information being disseminated as widely as possible. whilst having a bit of fun at po faced individuals like yourself. - the self proclaimed " Educated people of society".

Have a nice day now.

Deanna said...

I have absolutely no control over the audio functions of the program. The RBN network manages all communications. Additionally, Dennis Wise has no control over YouTube or its removal of all of his videos the day after the last time that he was on my program. Ken, perhaps you can elaborate on how that occurred since you seem so open-minded, objective and appear to have an inside track on all "truth." Please legitimize your claims so that the rest of us can catch up.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This Horst critter reeks of opposition and hasbara. His by-the-book blaming and name casting is very similar to that done by the usual suspects except he has pretensions of grandeur regarding his own capabilities.

Oooops sounds like people we know, doesn't it. The only thing missing so far are the sexual slurs and innuendos that have, until now, invariably become part of the onslaught by aforementioned hasbarats.

Deanna is far from anything he alludes to. Attack on Deanna is akin to an attack on all of us because of all she stands for ~ as several others have learned in the past, the furor is not worth the hassle to defend against.

Personally, I feel I have already spent too much time on the topic of "Horst".

My advice? Simple. Ignore it and it shall go away now that it knows it is caught on to. Some of it makes absolutely no sense, making it, therefore, nonsense. That bit about the Jews and WW2 made no sense to me, nor have I much inclination to back up his claims. So...

BTW, even if you think the Mami boys are all those things, which they ain't by da way, they do attract readers of all stripes and edderkayshuns. What have you done lately? Besides prompting me to use a dictionary to spell everything to match your obviously advanced level of comprehension.

Bye bye Horst. You are not wanted.

Anonymous said...

Look, as many differences as the people associated with "Mami's" and I have, they are NOT operatives, and Deanna, I KNOW, is most assuredly not. Saying things like that, Ken, only makes you look like a literal operative, YOURSELF, by sowing discord and distrust, and just to let you know, that shit-will-not-fly here at Mr. Grizzom's site.

As I said, I do not see-eye-to-eye with some of the people associated with this site, but I would never stoop-so-low as to say such nonsense to denigrate them publicly. As for Mrs. Deanna Spingola and Mr. Clay Douglas, your bullshit is falling-on-deaf-ears because those, ESPECIALLY Deanna, are so obviously NOT operatives that you are making yourself look like a complete fool by saying what you did.


Unknown said...


If I say pretty please will you tell me what "MAMI" means? I am thinking it might be Spanish for something..... Maybe "Baby's Shit"? I dont want to be wrong, so pretty please can you tell me what it means?


Are you saying when my cell phone drops a call the Jew did it? Or when my computer locks up, the Jew did it? How about when my car breaks down? LOL. Are you really serious Deanna? That is just too funny! You speak of legitimizing ones claims?!? Yet, that is all I am asking of you instead of making such laughable inferences when you have no evidence to prove your claims. Nice try at turning the tables and attempting to escape what you were doing and placing the blame on me. Do you still support the convicted murderer who is out on Parole named Bill Finck? During your 1st interview with him I thought you fell in love, you appeared to be gushing. Might I ask what his Parole restrictions are for being released from prison? Usually they are very strict, from what I understand, especially for one convicted of murdering a man under his care as a "law enforcement officer".


Do you fall for Clay Douglas's lie about shape shifting reptilian Jews? Or that he was too smart for boot camp and the Government tried to kill him? Or that he started the Militia Movement? How about how Clay wrote a book with Eli James who is really a Jew from Chicago named Joseph November? Do you also support using drugs as Clay does?

delcroix said...

hey ken
for the detailed description of shit related matters
please refer to your verbal diarrhea in this sad thread
all i can say is feck off

Deanna said...

Ken, I interviewed Finck one time on Wednesday, August 17, 2011. That does not imply support or anything else. I do not know his history and have not talked to him since he was on my program. I mentioned that the interference on my radio program on Tuesday might be EH. I did not say that the jews did it. My statement has nothing whatsoever to do with your cell phone, computer or car. You must have quite an imagination to attribute so many thoughts, claims and feelings to others.