December 12, 2013

Pearl Harbor Scam - December 7th 1941

1. Deanna Spingola - Pearl Harbor lecture
2. Deanna Spingola - James Perloff, Pearl Harbor discussion
3. George Morgenstern - Pearl Harbor: Story of the Secret War          PDF
4. Harry Elmer Barnes - Pearl Harbor After A Quarter Of A Century          PDF
5. November 30, 1941 Honolulu Headline: JAPANESE MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND!
6. Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum's 8 step plan to provoke Japan
7. Breaker of Japanese Codes
8. U.S. Navy listening post - Station H
9. Pearl Harbor: A Successful War Lie
10. Rivero's Pearl Harbor page
11. BBC: Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor - Best Definition - Full Length
12. 1945 Life Magazine: Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) Foreknowledge
13. FDR DECLARES WAR (12/8/41) - Franklin Delano Roosevelt , WWII , Infamy Speech


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

oops - meant to post that i dont knwo what all the links on the mamis ppost saty but that rodney martin and mark weber did a show hwere they support the the idea that japan was proviked into an attack on the usa but that pearl harbor was a surprise

WV Foundations said...

@gerrywesterby2, to clarify my position, which is based on those (regular type people, Butlers, Staff, etc) who observed FDR's reaction to the news of the Pearl Harbor Attack (he was visibly and emotionally disturbed, i.e. he got it wrong) and the fact that MacArthur had been building up U.S. forces in the Philippines, I said I believed that there was no doubt that 1) FDR provoked an "incident" but he believed the attack would be in the Philippines. There was logistical and military issues as to why many simply didn't think Pearl would be a target, which Weber and I discussed, the torpedoes was one. In fact, the focus of the December 1941 Japanese offensive was in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and other Western interests in the Far East. There is NO doubt that FDR provoked the Japanese so he could get in the war against Germany.

1776blues said...

I really wanted to post this to my Facebook page but under the description is shows the post by gerry and with all his misspelled words I thought it would make the post look cheesy.

Other than that, I guess we can add Rodney and Mark's claim that FDR was surprised by the attack on Pearl Harbor to the claim he didn't see the presidential security briefing on the impending attack after the code was broken.

WHOOLI said...

Mark Weber? lol. Never trust Mark(destroy the IHR)Weber.

Anonymous said...

Fdr knew exactly all the time the position of the japanese fleet. He took the carriers away and kept Pearl Harbor completely blind. FDR got all the japanese mesages, the most secret ones from the diplomats and the army too, more quickly than the japanese themselves.

All this has been in the books for years. FDR knew all of the attacks and the fleets to Signapore, Philippines and Hawaiji. Morgenstern/Walter Post and Mark Willey has told everything and many others. Thisi is absolutely clear.

Of course they waited attacks ti the Philippines too.

WV Foundations said...

@1776blues, the documents are available, they are in the Archives, as much as I detest FDR, there is no document that alerts the Sec. of the navy as to the positioning of the Japanese Fleet, there are however documents Re: Japanese troop moments on the Philippines. Also, IF we knew the location of the Japanese fleet, we could have hit them while they were undefended, i.e. while the Zeros were away. Pearl Harbor showed that FDR was BOTH devious and incompetent.

Anonymous said...

I think that the documents must exist but they are still censored. This is the only possibility. FDR was not incompetent and he had the whole apparat working with him. He had many advisers and possibly also jewish handlers.