January 24, 2014

American Free Press Editors Roundtable 1/24/2014

 AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper's editors and reporters discuss the Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson debate.          Show-page




Pat Colo said...

Wow, a unanimous AFP roundtable! And coincidentally or not, Piper & Spingola are AFP affiliates too! JFriend is an AFP writer, but he joined them long after the time he was writing SH-skeptic blogs.

Piper & Glenn were, and are, still taking ad-hom pot shots at SH-skepticism.

Spingola's recent research cites sources like NYTimes, from articles they published months after the event, and .gov sources, a year after they had plenty of time to patch up all their sloppy holes in SH.

As to SH-believers' repeatedly citing "the whole town was in on it? right!",

Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009? « Memory Hole

www.memoryholeblog.com/ 2013/ 09/ 13/ video-over-30-sandy-hook-homes-gifted-in-2009/

Unknown said...

Hah, that figures...the sandy hook nosers figured out they could vote more than once so they did...what pussies lol

wanda said...

That's a right on comment Pat Colo... thanks.

What i see they are trying to do is create the voice of the alternate mainstream media... with terms like "we've been here, we've been guiding you and telling you "TRUTH" all along...YOU OWE US loyalty. Epic fail. They will lose that message too.

Unknown said...

Utter Bollocks-two hours of absolutely worthless conversation that should have taken place at a table in a coffee house.
A one paragraph summary would have sufficed.

Unknown said...

This is a refreshing broadcast so far. It's nice to hear rational and sane people expose the truths about Sandy Hook-nose.

Anonymous said...

well, mami claims he wants something new & I have no interest either in drop in arg b/n gay lovers
I DEMAND an old school 44 round (hour) fight b/n these 3 teams:
Charles Giuliani, Deana Spingola, &ZCF
Chris Kendall, Tim Abirato & Simon Shak
Carolyn Yeager, Mike Delaney & Pastor James Wickstrom

somebody will get their feelings hurt in MAHOR BUTTHURT.

Anonymous said...

So...AFP devotes ANOTHER full show to this Sandy Hook shit, instead of covering the apparent evidence that an American NGO has been found to be involved in both Tahrir Square uprising and the Ukraine situation:


Far too many dupes in this REAL truth-movement would rather fucking argue over Sandy Hook than focus on the demons walking-on-two-legs destroying our world, and focusing on things that are PROVABLE and that are OF-CONSEQUENCE IN THE REAL WORLD.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves for falling for the trap laid-about by the masters-of-deception and the progenitors of the divide-and-conquer strategem. I am serious--YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES for further helping to fracture this movement, and for ignoring all of this evil shit being done, all-the-while far too many of you are engaging in literal arguments, insults, and discussing nothing but absolutely unprovable "theories" on a single event that is nowhere NEAR the evidenciary-level of a myriad of other genuine false-flag operations.

I had to say this, and I stand-by how I feel 100%. Focus on and promote to people what is REALLY HAPPENING and WHAT IS PROVABLE, people, instead of falling for the enemy's tactics as you far too often are doing, lately.


NB: When is enough-going-to-be-enough, and people finally can see-through the deception(S) allayed against us all? Seriously...when?

Aleksa said...

Whats the point of having another debate!?
Why do people at AFP spend so much time on this silly topic!

Dont give them anymore publicity!Let them go!

Isnt Ukraine burning!