January 24, 2014

Police Break into Guys House Kill Him Cops Walk Free

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - http://policecrimes.com - The Supreme Court recommends you DON'T talk to police officers, but you must say out loud "I'M GOING TO REMAIN SILENT." There's no law that requires you or your teenagers to answer questions from a police officer. Just say "I'M GOING TO REMAIN SILENT."

Tell your teenagers talking to a police officer can be very dangerous for them, you and your family! If you believe you're innocent and didn't do anything wrong, let a lawyer do the talking for you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/police.crimes

If you feel you've been abused by the police, you may learn how to file a police complaint here: http://policecrimes.com/police_compla...

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Rule #1 Don't "Talk" to the Po Po, just ask them calmly "Am I being detained? and "Am I free to go?. Thats it!  If they detain you do not resist in any way and when interrogated tell them "I'M GOING TO REMAIN SILENT."

Rule#2 When your 100% innocent of whatever it is the pirates accuse you of, and you feel that talking to them will somehow help you, refer to rule #1

You can't reason with pirates, they are not in the business of catching criminals, they're friggin pirates!  

They want your money and they want to shanghai your ass by way of their so called courts.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mami is 100% correct, and I concur that it is almost always a terrible idea to talk to the coppers, because they generally do get-off on ruining-someone's-day.

Things are just out-of-control at this point, and I just do not see it getting any better, simply because the masses are too apathetic and/or ignorant to want things to change/improve.


rodin said...

Who apart from a Limey calls cops coppers?

js said...

If this was not a broken Nation those pigs would be swinging from lamp posts